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Stand up and say no to what you see…

Or what are you? Really, what are you if you personally stand by and let the cruelty continue, let alone feed the processes that keep it alive and well. Ask yourself this question, why do the people that fight to justify the continuance of the murder of other beings for their pleasure, complain so much about their own feelings? Please explain? I know…do you? Come on, comment and start a debate. I welcome it, because no one that justifies eating animals has ever put forward anything that would explain how, that for us to keep murdering, is actually enhancing the journey of life on earth.



Am I mad? Is there more than one me?

AUDIO RECORDING… To wake up is to completely recognise the existence of a you that functions under the parameters that guide all physical matter, which we experience as the conceptual world. So the conceptual us does exist, but it is not the limit of our journey, no matter what it feels like when we get to the edge of its reality. As the edge of reality is a moment of perceptual confusion as we have the possibility to transform from a state of insanity to sanity. See our conceptual self as a launching pad to a life of expansive possibilities beyond any perceived constraints. Or think of it as a shell that we grow in but must also wake up in and realise that there we can exist outside of this shell, but one must be fearless to do such a thing as fear is corruption of thought and only purity of thought can exist beyond our perceptions!

And the beautiful thing is…this is only ours to have when we have unleashed our compassion. It would be too dangerous for it to be any other way… Lucky for us!

Now ANGELS deliver DEATH!

AUDIO RECORDING…I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but despite everything I know about human behavior and the horrid acts of cruelty that our shared delusional state leads to, I still get shocked by some information I receive. I was driving in my car the other day and a radio ad came on associating two concepts that really have no place being associated with each other. The idea of murdered animals being delivered to you by an ANGEL – yes an angel. Hmmm, this is just plain wrong to me, does anyone else see how horrid this is. Let alone the simple fact that these animals are bred to be killed in the first place. Ah human beings…what a beautiful species. We can make anything sound OK and somehow believe our own bullshit.  Sometimes I am disgusted to even be a human. What good do we really think will come from this abuse of other species less fortunate than us. Here is some info off their website…

Brumby’s is proud to introduce an exciting addition to its savoury range – the new Premium Angus Beef Pie (David – “remember this is a living being with feelings – and they are proud and excited to deliver their dead carcass…great!”).

Packed with hearty chunks of 100% Australian Angus Beef swimming in a rich, delicious gravy… every bite is tender, juicy and full of flavour. We’re celebrating (“party party!”) because you can now buy your Premium Angus Beef pies where you pick up your fresh baked bread and snacks! Over the next few weeks, the Street Team are converting into Brumby’s Angus Angels and want to give you the chance to win a delivery of the all new Brumby’s Angus Beef Pies to your worksite! Simply tell us why you want the Brumby’s Angus Angels at your worksite with a special delivery of the all new Angus Beef Pies for your chance to win! Don’t settle for just any old beef pie (“No, don’t buy any old murdered cow – get one that is bred to completely satisfy your taste buds!”) , drop into your local Brumby’s today and discover the 100% Australian Angus Beef difference.

It’s 100% satisfying, 100% tastier and only at Brumby’s.

Really, what sort of world do you think we are creating when we accept such atrocities and somehow not even see it as an atrocity? In fact, in the main, people like myself are seen as the weird ones for caring about the fact that we destroy other beings for our pleasure. Even if you eat meat, can you see that to justify such things, let alone associate Angels with the delivery of death, is building a world that will inevitably turn back against us.

If this experience is a test of our integrity, intelligence and decency as a species….you are failing human race, so step up and get real because time is running out. We need to unite in an honest place no matter how hard this is to do, and we need to do it soon, because the momentum of our insanity is going to be hard to stop as we are investing way too much emotional energy into the world that we are so addicted to.

We are addicts, all of us, and in denial like all addicts are! So the first step is for us to admit that we need help like any addict does!

Acknowledgement of life…

In this AUDIO RECORDING I explore why I am good to animals and discover that it comes from my acknowledgment of their existence. To acknowledge the life of another living being brings them into your reality which opens up the possibility for compassion to given to them. I like the simplicity of this recording and I remember the beautiful feelings I had whilst saying it and looking at my vegan puppy TOFU…enjoy!

We are uniting in a lie….what can come of this?

As a species we have not yet learnt to trust each other and therefore are not honest with each other, and yet we are building a world through this edited reality we share. So we are uniting in a lie and building a world that is the representation of a lie. A lie that we are trying to convince ourselves is truth, hence our reluctance to look at what we have created. We may have needed to believe that we were more than what we are to get to this point on our journey, but first we must see it is a lie, if we are to bring the possibilities of our existence to life in a real sense… In a manner that we can experience and share with each other! No wonder we can’t really connect with other people and feel lonely most of the time. And usually we cannot even be honest about our dishonesty. Does this make sense??? No????? Maybe???? Well listen to this AUDIO recording….

There is a lot more to life than you think there is… Lots more!

It is time for us to unite in our imagination to create possibilities for a life beyond what we currently think is real. But first we must unite in a common place of truth or we will continue to fight for which belief or idea is the one we should follow. And currently people are held on a journey by being shackled by society and it’s brutal techniques of enforcement. We don’t need people to lead us, we just need to unite. If we were genuinely compassionate then no need for laws…imagine that. No laws. No police force. Ahhhhh, I feel the freedom in that thought already. Especially considering the hypocrisy of the people that try to control us now. The crazy thing with the law is that it actually suppresses truth and yet we keep adding more and more to our world every single day! Where do you think that is heading us?

Think about the fact that the “more” component I talk of exists right now. It is there even though you may not be able to feel it.This AUDIO recording will expand on what I am exploring above…

Where do you sit in this reality?

AUDIO recording notes – In life we create a notion of who and what we are, including how loving, decent and honest we are. So look at what you think you are and then look at your behavior and see if they fit. Because until the two match perfectly you will always experience varying degrees of distortion that will effect your ability to feel life accurately.

We are analyzing the wrong people!

It is the normal people that are the greatest influence on the nature of the life we are creating so why are we not looking at them…instead we focus on the individuals that break out of the norm. And because the norm is the majority they tend to go under the radar. Funny isn’t it, we are ignoring what there is most of to see and getting caught up in silly little issues that we argue about and fight over – usually targeting a few individuals and using them as an excuse for more collective controls to be put in place. This is a good audio recording to explore…


The key to survival is adaptation… The world is changing very fast and we are not expanding at a rate even close to what we are experiencing. So lets get on it and have a listen to this AUDIO recording…Adaptation and life expansion dissolve the obsessiveness of our wanting…