You are inside of an experience that dies, but you don’t have to!

I recorded this in the middle of the night so I am a little sleepy and slow but it is a good recording to listen to and explore what I am sharing. I never look at anything I say as an end result or a definitive statement, even if I express it as if it is. I often go back and listen to what I have said and spark off new awareness on my journey of expanding my own reality.

AUDIO RECORDING… We are lost in the idea of being human beings standing on earth looking at physical matter. We even look for something as big as spirituality within that limited exploration. But this small and limited pathway limits our intelligence to the constraints that this dimension appears to function within. But remember, there is more than what you currently see, feel and think… Lots more.

So shift thought to everything being an experience that we are inside of and dissolve the feeling of separation, hence you are not even the observer, and it is not even about you connecting with life. It is about first waking up and knowing that you are effectively the experience and within that you understand it by understanding you. Everything you think and feel guides you to the truth, hence the need for an expansive reality. The more you reach out with your thoughts and feelings the more you become, and the bigger this experience gets, until you completely absorb it and transcend beyond it. And the more we as “experiences” (not humans), unite in a place of expansive thought, our consciousness can breath, grow and evolve. It can awaken us to a place where we will experience a unification of thought, and still maintain the individuality of the experiences that we shared on the journey to such a place.

A simple thought to explore that is rich with the potential to wake up the soul is…

The truth lies in not wanting anything from this experience, which means wanting nothing form what we think is us. This would remove the processes of the Ego and all restrictive psychological conditions, and leave us free to unite and hence finally experience truth. To finally be truth!

A final thought… This experience does die so do not take it for granted that you are here, and that you have the opportunity to grow and evolve within it. I can help you on this journey of expansion but you must wake up and remember that you exist, and once awake you now have the opportunity to become more than this experience, hence you are no longer restricted by it. So lets unite in that, as it is not just our individual experience that will die, but the whole thing, if we as a species continue to justify the illness in our own behaviour. Do not take what we have done personally, but do acknowledge that we have done terrible things to survive. And in seeing this, the shock can wake you up! So lets all wake up together and live forever!

I just read this blog through and I was thinking that people may find that all difficult to follow and understand. However, I decided to leave it as is for two reasons; 1. for those that may get the truth that I originally felt as I wrote it, and 2. I also have faith that when you read such things without trying to understand it, it will eventually create expansion in thought, which ultimately is more important than any particular idea anyway.


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