Competition is killing us!

Competition distracts us. Competition blinds us. Competition makes us dumb!

Whether we have what ‘society’ would call a shitty life or a happy life, really makes little difference, as we are all caught up in the same experience, we are all being effected by it. And when we are effected by it we are not looking at it. We are looking at a part of it. The part we think is effecting our world…and this edited aspect of life will vary from individual to individual depending on our life story and beliefs about life. So we are either running, defending or chasing something, and we wonder why after so many years to pass on wisdom on the human journey, that we are no closer to the truth of our existence. How could we be when we are not all uniting in looking at this entire experience. I mean look at IT, not your experience of IT. Look at all of it.

Imagine how quickly we could get to the truth in amongst this maize of emotions and thoughts if we stopped competing, and started uniting and sharing what we think we are looking at without being concerned about what we are individually trying to get from it!

We are in a place that drives us to chase stuff in a world of seemingly limited opportunities for attaining our desires, hence the competitive spirit that drives our lives, as we are ultimately all wanting the same thing, that is happiness. And there appears to be a limited number of happiness flags placed on the hill that we are running for, fighting for and defending once got. If we keep competing with each other we will never unite…obviously right? And the only way to stop keep competing is to stop wanting.

Imagine wanting nothing from this world…

You would be surprised what would happen. Hard to tell people at this phase of the human journey, but let me say we would unleash our experience in such a way that wanting would become an obsolete technique of existence, and it would be replaced with existing for real. Yes, we do not currently exist, but we have the possibility to if we stop wanting! I will explore the idea that we do not exist in another blog…it’s a good one!



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