Don’t let your imagination stop you from waking up

The following AUDIO RECORDING was one of those wake up in the middle of the night ideas, which is not uncommon for me, so although I sound a little blunt, rough, clogged up and a use a few words some may find offensive, it is important stuff to think about. So another on my recommended list!

Our imagination is a wonderful thing. Combined with our amazing intelligence and problem solving abilities, it has led to us being able to manipulate physical matter to the degree that we know how to make 3D televisions for our entertainment and develop bombs that could destroy the whole planet in a matter of hours. Let alone the wonders of stem cell research and alike. And as our compassion has not been unleashed it is easy to see that the only thing guiding all this is our desires, and our desires are created from fear of not having…which effectively means that fear is guiding everything we do. And in such a mode of functioning we never look at the entirety of our experience because fear places us in a segregated reality. A world of edited thoughts and feelings that are pertaining to our notion of survival, which is in reality just a bunch of people trying to keep their life stories alive…hence why we try to unite our life stories with well crafted belief structures. But belief structures are rigid concepts that have little flex in them and they don’t like being challenged. So as we apply our minds in such a space we will inevitably let our abilities lead to our own demise because we never stop to look at the whole thing that we are in. Yes we are in something. Something that can be understood. Something that is trying to show us something, but we are not looking because we are too busy surviving, which interestingly, will end our survival. So we are currently misreading life’s information and certainly responding to it inappropriately.

So we are not here to get lost in the experience of life, which is wanting, but rather we have the opportunity to unleash US within it. Why are we being so pathetic as to live at the mercy of this experience? Why do we keep trying to get something from a world that is hurting us? That sounds like we are caught in an abusive relationship!

Sooooooo, lets figure out where we are and what it is telling us rather than trying to get something from it…that makes us blind and dumb no matter how clever the stuff is we create. As things stand our lives are not real. We are not US yet. We are are distorted version of this experience which collectively exposes the entirety of what it is we are being effected by.


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