If the truth is so amazing, why do we hide and protect it?

I explore lots of ideas in this recording to tie together the journey of waking up into a united concept. Concepts can be used to build highways of exploration towards being able to exist without concept, however, be mindful that any concept becomes a limiting reality when not released within expansive energy. So be careful how you utilize your ability to think, feel and imagine, as it will either create a cage of repression, or a journey into a deep feeling, aware and highly intelligent world.

In sharing my recordings I am not sharing a fixed way of being, I am sharing how I explore life, learn about life, understand this dimension and me within it, and how I build my journey towards an advanced state of existence. I have been recording my feelings, observations and ideas for over 12 years now and hence I have thousands of them on file… which in essence is my journey into the mind I travel in today. I have new thoughts and expansive ideas daily, so I am putting my recent stuff out to explore, as I personally find them more interesting and hopefully you will too.

I find the current  mode of human thinking very limited, fearful, controlling and repressive. So I can’t tell others not to be that way, but I can let them know how I journey this life, and then maybe something in what I share will inspire them to break out of their own cages, and join an expansive experience of true love and compassion… whilst all the while gaining strength, intelligence, wisdom and insight to many of life’s hidden realities.

I know we can do this, we have it within us to be more than these creatures of destruction roaming the planet to get what we want and using our compassion in a very selective and limited manner. Once compassion is unleashed we can relax about trusting each other and get on with uniting and sharing our thoughts, rather than sharing what servers our individual life stories. What possibilities lay before us? A world where we are united and yet feel more unique and freely expressive of that individuality… more than we could have ever hoped was real. But it is real, and this is my way to that. I hope others meet me in this place, however they choose to arrive there. And if not, then maybe it is not possible, but one thing I do know, and that is the fact that this kind of exploring of life will dramatically expand your reality leaving you with more roam to move, feel and explore life in…and of course this just keeps increasing. So it is up to you what you do with the reality you exist in. I am hopefully able to offer some sparks to wake you up and help you start living, instead of being lost in the futile game of surviving…because we die anyway no matter what we do. So let that go and you will be amazed what you will find.



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