STOP getting your life in order

It is a common phenomenon that people think they need to get their life in order before they look at the truth of it….whoops! Have a listen to why this is not on my list of recommendations.


If you listen without cross referencing to any existing beliefs, then you will see what I am seeing and there will be no more debate, just sharing and uniting in a place of truth.

NOTE: In this recording I make reference to what it feels like to be me saying this kind of stuff to people, and that it may sound like I am up on the podium. Well I am. And it only looks that way because so few people are talking about this stuff, and as per normal, the minority is segregated into them being the distorted ones…that being me. And yes I am in the minority because I have a take no prisoners attitude. Meaning…all or nothing. Lets get real completely or why bother making out that we are. For what? So we can continue to build a pathway towards global destruction. I mean, is this really hard for people to see…that we are going down the wormhole to hell, towards a psychological black hole!

I can see why some may find me arrogant, like I am telling people what to do, or other such comments that allow for them not to listen. Now, lets forget all that, I hear you… Look over there, now over there, no wait, over here. Do you get my point? The insanity is everywhere, and yes as human beings we are caught in this madness and denying that to be the case. Well forget looking at yourself then and just look at the world. Look at what we do, what we justify and the lies we tell each other.

Am I wrong for pointing this out, or am I doing everyone a favor? Well, tough answer, I don’t care what you all think. That sounds harsh, well it isn’t. That is wise! Why? Because if I did consider everyone’s stories I would go mad, let alone avoiding hurting peoples feelings. If that was the case I would do nothing, which is the norm. But that is weak. I am no more responsible to say no the cruelty and insanity than anyone else, and I have found a way to wake up. Yes, wake up. Or did you think you already were?


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