Without unleashed compassion your individual pursuit of happiness is a deluded one.

I just commented on another persons blog site, as they expressed such a great understanding of human behavior. Here is what I shared and asked. Things for us all to think about…

There is a lot to be seen that appears to be beyond the view of most people. But with the sharing of wisdom such as yours this will quickly change… if we get honest about where we actually sit today and step out of our stories and dreams. Currently we sweep selected pieces of reality under the carpet. And as long as we continue to live in a world of wanting, which in essence is the selective thinking I mentioned, the suppression of human compassion will continue. We will become a medicated society just so we can survive, all because we never learned to feel everything. Only one energy can transcend this experience, something more pure and powerful than the lure of fear(which of course is expressed as anything from anxiety to joy), and that is compassion…which is us! So time to wake up before our reality becomes a cage from which we will never exit.

One more comment…I see that lots of people talk of compassion, a better world, a united world, a world where we can live with love in our hearts. Now for my question… I rarely read anything about spreading this awareness out to our animal friends, without which this planet, and us, would not breath life.

How can we continue to justify the daily torture and slaughter of animals(e.g. in the US alone over 10 million animals are killed every hour) and expect to truly create a planet of united peace and harmony?

Any opinions?????

Because for me, how I see life, without that your individual pursuit of happiness is a deluded one.

So to cut to the chase…do you eat animals?

I am genuinely interested, as you express such a great understanding of existence, life and human behavior. It is interesting to me that the majority of human beings do eat/kill/torture animals by the very nature of contributing to the farming of them by consuming them.

So what sort of species does such things when we have the ability to do the opposite?

How can we ever trust each other when we selectively destroy life on the basis of…but that is my learning? Really?

Is it that hard for us to unite in compassion?

Well it would appear so. This is real.

What do you suggest we do about this obvious destructive behavior that we justify?

I will update this response if I get a response, which from my travels on the web so far, is rare when this topic is addressed. People love talking about their anxiety and depression, but not so keen to talk about the welfare of species other than there own…that reeks of horrid selfishness to me! Lets see if this lady is different!!!


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