14 reasons to not kill other living beings…

I personally find it odd that people cannot see such things over what to me is obvious, that is, that hurting, abusing or killing other living beings, whether they be poeple or animals, is abhorent and a crime against life. However, it does need explaining and I found an unusual ‘meat eater’ that bothered to ask ‘non-meat eaters’… why do they feel the way the do?

So thank you for at least asking.

This was my response to her question on this topic…

Hi Jody B,

I am responding to a question you posted on another site re why anti meat-eaters desire that no animals are killed let alone eaten. You shared that you understand why people would not want cruelty to animals but you still seemed confused as to the killing part of the equation.

My whole blog site is devoted to explaining such things.

There are multiple reasons as to why one would stop eating meat.

1. The pathways of the mind that allow for the justification of murder also allow for all the denial that keeps people trapped in a repressed and edited reality, hence they will never feel the entirety of life, hence they will never be able to interact from a complete place and their lives/relationships will reflect that.
2. As long as we continue to justify murder then we will never be able to trust each other, as history has shown, eg the 2nd world war, that this process of deluded human thought can also turn on people given the right circumstances. As the Jewish people found out the hard way!
3. Compassion is the only true energy in human existence that is bigger than fear, and that can take humanity beyond its current survival mode…which is currently destroying the planet.
4. To kill anything that is weaker or more vulnerable than ourselves is in itself one of the most abusive things a person can do.
5. To care for all of life will unite us as a species. Selective caring, like when we are personally attached to an animals life, but not to other lives, is obviously an “all about you” head-space. It is essential to learn to just care…whether it helps your life or not.
6. We don’t need meat anymore to survive, so it really is just murder. It is to satisfy a taste, a desire so we can feel good.
7. Irrelevant of your conditioning, murder is murder and these animals feel just like you and I, all of them.
8. What a beautiful world humans could connect in if we all felt for all of life not just that which is pertaining to our own existence.
9. I know we animal lovers show the horrific side of how animals are treated but that is still real and that is to get people to at least pay attention, because if you like, forget the cruelty side of it and just ask yourself…Is murder something you desire to be part of or not. Because once these animals are dead, that is it. They are gone forever at the hands of us.
10. I f an advanced alien species came down to earth and saw how we treat the animals on our own planet, how do you think they would feel about us? Animal farming is a heinous crime no matter how well the animals are treated. How would you feel if that alien species decided to eat you and your family? Really think about that… would beg for understanding? Well, the animals can’t speak our language so I am speaking for them.
11. You are causing suffering to other humans as well. Can you see that people who care are not just radicals in the world, they are people that feel more widely than others. And they all, including me, feel great pain in the knowing that animals are killed every day. They and I feel great suffering every time they see the dead flesh of their animal friends in the supermarket.
12. To force another being to do what we want is paramount to being a bully, like the kids at school that would pick on the weak and disadvantaged.


14. If we connect the idea of not eating animals with increased levels of compassion then there would be less wars, less abuse of children, less murder, less rape etc – these things will end, will cease as problems that need solving. Compassion is the most expansive energy in human existence so lets unleash it and soon there will be no more problems to be solved just lives to be lived and loved.

I could go on for quite awhile, but if you explore  my site with time and patience you will understand, and who knows, maybe stop eating animals!!! Please let me know if this explains things more clearly for you, as I am not just a voice for the animals, but I am a voice for the people that have unleashed their compassion and do not know how to clearly express what they feel.

Thanks for putting the question out there and I would really appreciate your comments once you have really listened/watched and read all I share. It takes time to see all this but I assure you unleashing compassion will unleash your own existence and offer you benefits that people don’t yet understand. Ultimately it is about learning to think expansively so we keep evolving, rather than to keep recycling our existing behavior, which is getting old and tired and it is taking its toll on this world.

You can see the world. It is dying and it is because of us and it can be changed by first looking at this crucial topic. How we treat other living beings!

Final point…You said something to the effect of, what would we do with these animals anyway?

Well, stop killing them, look after them, stop breeding more of them and let them die as peacefully as we can.

David Coles


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