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Compassion is the new intelligence

“Compassion will be the new intelligence that will guide humanity into an expansive state of existence beyond the illusion of choice that currently pervades human thought… It is no longer a theory or a prediction, it is possible now. The future has arrived”

David Coles  oct 2010


It is time for humans to be called on their cruelty and deceit

I can barely stand living on this sick planet anymore…

Are you humans so pathetic that you cannot show your true faces!

Well I call you out…all of you who continue to deny your contribution to the cruelty on this planet.

And it is time the genuinely decent, honest, real and awake people on this planet did the same.

Open your eyes and have a look. Look at how many animlas are killed every single day to satiate human greed…go on,  google that!

Look at how many people suffer from anxiety and depression and how many young people commit suicide because of this stupid society we inflict upon them and tell them to be happy in…google that!

Show some dam courage and stand up inside your sick reality and say NO to all that you know is wrong!

WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH – so trust it.

I and many other aware and intelligent people have tolerated this for long enough… stop lying, wake up and get real.

If you can watch this video and see how sick we have become then find the courage to stop this insanity. And I am not just throwing my weight around, as I share I genuine pathway out of this insanity if anyone should find the courage to become bigger than the disabling energy that we call fear. It is the continuance of cruelty to the weak and disadvantaged that calls forth people like myself to stand up and say NO – enough is enough.

It is time for life expansion through the journey of unleashing compassion…not the pathway offered by people like Sam Niel in the video below.

If you want to enhance the functioning of your brain and enhance your intelligence and creativity – then stop putting dead flesh in your mouth, stop justifying the heinous slaughter of these animals and unleash your compassion. Nothing else but complete compassion can allow you to wake up and grow beyond your fears. And it is fear that holds us in an edited perceptual reality and it is fear that keeps us extremely intellectually repressed relative to our potential. Eat red meat – really Sam…what were you thinking?

Interested in being intelligent? Then ask me how?


Beauty and the Beast

Watch this video until you feel free of thought

Now watch this video in that same open-minded head-space 

Global state of insanity

Is humanity being sacrificed?

Pain is driving the processes of our construct of thought, which has been masterfully directed by the our Problem-Solving Minds within every human being on this planet. The Insanity of Humanity is a by-product of this powerful combination, and it is often conveniently excused and disguised when the collective has created the necessary processes of justifications to deflect individual responsibility…

Hence we are collectively creating a world that we are struggling to live in, as if we did not build it.

So let’s have a look at what can happen when a planet is infected by billions of a highly intelligent species that are allowing their lives to be guided by pain. We will explore the ramifications of this global reality that we are all witnessing, to guide us on our journey of awareness. On this journey, we will have the opportunity to enable ourselves to function beyond the insanity that is consuming large portions of the human genus. Once we create some honesty as to our existing global reality, we can then look more closely and honestly at the nature of our psychological home (The Construct) and our obsessive Problem-Solving Minds.

What was nature thinking, creating all of this pain and suffering and channelling it through the processes of the Problem-Solving Mind, which ultimately brings all of this suffering into our lives?

It brings not only suffering into our lives but also massive levels of stupidity, relative to the human mind’s potential. Particularly when we consider that we spend more time using our intelligence to look for something to blame for our pain, rather than understanding the processes that are causing it.

Maybe there is method in this madness that we as a collective species just can’t see yet. On the whole, we can’t. The current pathway we are on keeps us in a state of blindness, as it powerfully serves something far greater than you or me as individuals.

Think about how many people you know that feel life is somehow unfair and that it does not have their best interests in mind…

Well as things currently stand, they are right!

This observation is clearly reflected in the functioning of all societies worldwide, whereby the lives of individual humans and animals are happily sacrificed for the greater cause of humanity. As much as this approach creates a false sense of security, we all know that any of us could be targeted just by being in the wrong place at the wrong time…

You could be next!

I find it intriguing that we as a species could ever buy into this notion of selectively justifying sacrifice as being acceptable and justifiable, let alone the brutality that is used in the process of enforcing it. There is quite obviously a flaw in this mode of thinking if we are to create a world where we genuinely want people to care about each other. How could we ever possibly hope to achieve peace and harmony, when we have empowered ourselves to conveniently decide when life is expendable or not, based on circumstances, desired outcomes, our learning and our beliefs.

If one is to be totally honest and wants to function from a place of integrity, then calculated destruction is never okay, and there is no cause great enough to justify the sacrifice of anything; unless of course the corruption of the human spirit is acceptable to us. But pain has an amazing ability to allow us to see what is convenient rather than absorbing the truth of our behaviour.

Really consider what I am saying here…

If we continue to empower ourselves with the ability to place a value on different forms of life, or each other, then we are never going to get to a place where we value life as a whole.

One would think the treatment of people during the Second World War was evidence enough – proof of the danger and destruction that occurs when beliefs guide our value systems. So instead of waking up to the truth embodied in these experiences, humanity has decided that certain evil people were responsible, rather than facing that this type of behaviour is waiting to be created within all of us. All it takes is the right conditioning driven by a cleverly crafted story of fear. We have done it again in the Middle East, as many innocent women, men, children and animals have been killed for some greater cause. It is time to learn, to grow and to become aware!

These are the extreme human examples! Do you think that for animals to be caged in torturous conditions as we manipulate their lives towards their ultimate demise for our own pleasure and survival is acceptable?

If people were being honest the answer would have to be…

YES! As this is happening right now as we read, sleep, eat and go through our daily lives. On the whole we are doing little to change this. In Australia the cruelty to caged hens has been recognised openly, yet people continue to buy the eggs from creatures that they know are suffering. The governments of the day, under some social pressure from various animal rights organisations, create long term plans to stop this…yes, long term!

How do we wean out cruelty once recognised?

Surely we would just stop it immediately! Once again we are justifying sacrifice for the almighty dollar. If I weren’t laughing at this stupidity I would be crying. The leaders that dictate our future never talk of such issues because they are unaware of them in a real sense; in terms of what it is that guides their thinking and their denial in the first place.

So the point to truly consider is…

If we can justify the cruelty inflicted upon a chicken, we can justify the cruelty to anything; including human beings!

Once we wake up to a place of united Conscious Awareness, then we won’t have to decide what to value, as cruelty would be unacceptable to all. If we can feel compassion for ourselves, then we obviously have the ability to feel compassion for everyone and everything…and until we do, our future is debateable.

If we survive as a species then no one will have to fight for their rights and no one will eat or kill animals… We could live no other way and still live with ourselves, as harming others is the same as harming ourselves.

Think about people throughout history that have fought so hard to be valued equally with others…whether they are woman in general, the Australian Aborigines or African Americans. Yet can these same people broaden this awareness beyond their own rights, to a place of compassion for all living creatures? The truthful answer is: quite often not! They get acknowledgement of their rights but still seem incapable of broadening this awareness to value all of life.

As things stand, when human thought is being controlled by pain, we often do not take our learning beyond our own personal experiences, and so we fight for segregated causes without shining the same light of integrity on ourselves. Once again, this is evidence that we are lost in our life story – a very narrow existence; a pathway that disallows us from seeing the entirety of life. This means we are only experiencing a small portion of ourselves, hence the intensified pain that allows us to make decisions which encompass the suffering of others.

The true test of human character is in how we behave towards those things that we don’t have to treat with decency, compassion and respect…

If we as a species cannot create a united mode of awareness, that has the underlying property of respect for all of life, then there will always be something that we need badly enough that will justify the sacrifice of something else to get what we want. As I said, how do you feel when this very process of thinking that we are currently justifying turns on you? Does it still seem fair, reasonable and appropriate, or is it suddenly a moment of injustice because you are now the target?

One could argue this approach, whereby we justify sacrifice for gain, is necessary for the continuance of progress; however, what sort of world are we going to be happy to live in? Is being alive that precious that we will do anything to hold on to it, even though inevitably it is going to end whether we like it or not? Do you get a little hint of insanity in that?

We have become so obsessed with staying alive that we have forgotten how to live…

So given humanity is quite obviously struggling to work out how to create peaceful and harmonious civilisations, how could it be that we actually think we are intelligent or wise enough to be able to place a value system on life itself?

How do we value something we don’t even understand?

It is our beliefs that are guiding the processes within ourselves, or within our leaders that pick and choose when sacrifice is acceptable.

All beliefs are corruptible because they are fear-based mechanisms, and they only have survival of the physical being as their primary goal. When using beliefs to guide our lives we are not interested in the entirety of life, but only in the small segments pertaining to our notion of existence. Therefore, to use a belief to guide the processes of valuing life and the proceeding choices of sacrifice is fraught with potential corruption. This is exactly what is happening in the world today. This programmed blind selfishness that we must all live with, does perfectly serve the processes of what we have defined as evolution.

The interesting part of all this is; as people continue to empower themselves with decision-making that is actually beyond their existing realm of awareness, they inadvertently keep themselves trapped at a certain level of existence, owing to the confusion that this creates. Meaning, they are playing a game where they don’t even really understand the rules. Therefore the outcomes are always totally confusing and the world continues to be seen as a problem. So the rules of life become an elusive thing that we shall never understand. Hence the empowerment of the Problem-Solving Mind and the continuance of our incarceration within the Construct…

So it would be reasonable to propose that it is in fact humanity that is unwittingly offering itself as the sacrificial lamb.

If we continue to empower ourselves with the ability to place value and controls upon something that we do not understand, then the truth shall never be ours to see. The processes of thinking required to value other entities’ lives as less than our own are the same processes that are creating the pathways towards the psychological black hole of our minds.

In sacrificing other life forms we are inadvertently sacrificing ourselves…

The old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” is definitely true. We can’t justify cruelty and think we can get away with it, just because the majority of people in our chosen place of residence condone it. We may be able to avoid external judgement, but we will be punished in other ways I assure you.

Every time we find a way to conveniently accept the unacceptable, the strength and nature of the enforcement in our mental prison is increasing!

See these pathways of denial and justifications as control; control that we think is necessary because we continue to see life as a problem that needs solving. The completely ridiculous part of all this, is that life does not need to be conquered. Humanity is trying to solve something that does not want to be solved and that can only lead to increased levels of disharmony and pain.

We are the experience, so when we attack and destroy the experience we are doing the same to ourselves!

Life is what it is, and it is time for us to learn to flow with it, but first we must learn to understand it. We will never understand it if we don’t open our eyes beyond our programmed need to feel good.

Until this point in time, we thought we were gaining personal and global power by controlling, analysing and experimenting with life. But we have made one fatal mistake; gaining control has no limits or boundaries. It is an insatiable desire because control does not actually take fear away. It increases it as we become scared of losing the security we have acquired. By following this route we have forced our fears onto life, rather than guiding their journey with integrity and wisdom.

Now we are all paying the price for our lack of patience!

If it wasn’t pain and fear that was driving us we would be much wiser by now, because we would have spent more time sensing the true nature of life as opposed to foolishly trying to control it. So here we are still trying to take pride in our technology and our progress, constantly justifying what we have done to gain this knowledge and desperately needing to tell ourselves how special we are. It is as if humanity is trying to prove itself, in some vain attempt to gain recognition for its dominance and superiority over other living things. But from whom do we want recognition?

What kind of entity would respect and applaud achievement that has an ugly trail of blood behind it?

The deep insecurities that drive this process are what allow for the highly immoral behaviour from which humanity reaps its falsely identified rewards. Of course, we are finding out very quickly that the rewards coming from control, particularly through this phase of rapid technological advancement, are in fact an elusive lure that is only offering a false promise of happiness.

We are all behaving like scared little children that desperately want to have their needs satisfied and desperately need to feel secure to be happy. Do not see this as a condemnation of humanity. Open your eyes instead. See that this modern-day phenomenon of advanced levels of physical and psychological destruction, is exposing the true nature and functioning of the inside of the human mind when guided by misunderstood pain.

That was an excerpt from my book…The Insanity of Humanity

MEAT me on a journey to expose a well hidden SECRET!

Meat me on a journey to decide whether you think we are aware and evolved beings… To uncover the greatest and most cleverly disguised secret in the history of humanity.

The video below is another test to see where you are at on your journey of awareness. If you can feel and see what I say here, then you are ready to go onto the next phase, which is arriving on this planet for real. This is much harder than facing the topic of animal abuse, but if you can face that, then it is time to stop looking at how it makes you feel and start looking at how this unbelievable reality came to be in the first place. For what allowed this most obvious of hypocrisies in human behavior to be present, is the same thing that is creating all the mayhem within our minds, and all the mayhem we are trying to fix on this planet.  For within this incredibly well kept secret, is a window to a new way for humans to express their existence, without all the fear and pain that currently controls their reality.

So I am doing much more than just highlighting my objections to CRUELTY… I am actually taking you on an expansive journey to opening up your compassion – then, and only then, can I start to explain the nature of this reality you are in, and then I can show you how to expand beyond it – hence the name of my talk at the Vegan Festival Adelaide…”BEYOND VEGAN”

I have been encouraged by people that I should stay away from the animal cruelty debate that is emerging, because it is futile, because it has been done a thousand times before, and beacuse it simply does not work as a technique for waking people up. It has been suggested that I stick to what I am good at as a counselor – and that is to take people on expansive journey’s and to show them new and more powerful ways to think. And then once established as someone that can do such things, present the animal issue from this supposedly more credible position.

So I will take this moment to make it very clear why I am highlighting the abuse of animal life up front….

Because if you can’t look at this then you will not be able to evolve past the pain that is crippling your existence. So lets go straight to the doorway of freedom – and that is the ugliest and most avoided reality of human behavior EVER! And I mean ever. Nothing that we humans have ever done has been this heinous, cruel and disrespectful to life. And in numbers that are staggering and growing. So obviously there is something enormous for us to learn if we start to explore this incredible reality/issue that has somehow been avoided in the main. And those few that do attempt to scream out that this is happening, traditionally get labeled as radicals, hippies, weak, soft, tree huggers, or just plain mad! I do understand why that is – it looks like you are individually being asked to give up so much of your lifestyle and pleasure. And the people encouraging you to to so do not really themselves understand where to take you from there – hence being a vegan as a destination is simply not appealing to most people. And our human systems have already been created from this denial, so it obviously puts them into a stand still if this was to be faced. But don’t let this fool you. Look anyway. This is real. This is happening. And life beyond facing it will absorb all the fear that encourages you not to look.

I know to some this may seem really obvious, but to the majority of people it is not. And that is evidenced in our avoidance of facing that we are partaking in the most watered down crime ever committed by such large numbers of people – and as these people represent the majority, they therefore cannot be called on their behavior via systems of law for example.

Listen to me – If you can’t see this then you will die lost in a world of denial, disturbance and fear. That is the truth whether you like it or not. So lets all wake up and do this, because the fact that it is emotionally hard, is a pathetic excuse to allow this violence to continue. Violence that most people justify, condone, partake in and contribute to the production of – and even share the by-product of such violence, that being dead body parts, in places of happiness and human connection, as if that is something to celebrate…that’s just how lost and screwed up we have become.

How you expand and grow beyond your fears is up to you. I offer what I feel is the journey to such things, however, one thing I can say is a TRUTH, not a perception, is that the animal issue is like a litmus test as to whether you are on a pathway to destruction, or on a journey to becoming a super being.NOTE: opening subtitle error – ” to decide whether we you think we are…” Correction –  “to decide whether you think we are…”

Looking at the cruelty can create anxiety and depression

This audio recording is for anyone that finds looking at the reality of this world distressing, leaving them with moments of anxiety and maybe even depression. This feeling can be exacerbated by the fact that only a small minority of human beings seem to share the same concerns as them, leaving them feeling small, out numbered, overwhelmed and controlled by people, governments and police forces that don’t even care about the suffering that is inflicted upon innocent beings – despite the false declarations of concern that these people put forth.

Sounds like a very sad picture I am painting, and if left alone in that awareness, it will stay that way, and potentially grow some very disturbing and unhealthy pathways of thought in the mind that can start to influence the nature of a persons identity and place within this world. There is a way out of this madness and it is only the people that care that can do this….


So acknowledging the cruelty is just a starting point. The next step is to understand the nature of human thought, how it works and manages our existence. Until you can find strength in yourself and face all denial in your own existence then you are effectively just redirecting your pain onto others with the ultimate justification – that being animal/human cruelty.

It is time we all understand what drives our realities and then attempt to unite in a place of compassion and honesty. So if you care about the cruelty, then dedicate your life to becoming bigger than your own fears and then you will be offering something that people can be inspired by and follow – until they can see it all for themselves.

A complete explanation of human thought is explained in my book The Insanity of Humanity which will be released on Nov 14th 2010 at the Vegan Festival Adelaide – in the meantime if you need more information now, then click on the following link Here you will find 8 phases into the journey of how to survive the insanity that is pervading this planet.


Experiencing life without guilt at the beach