MEAT me on a journey to expose a well hidden SECRET!

Meat me on a journey to decide whether you think we are aware and evolved beings… To uncover the greatest and most cleverly disguised secret in the history of humanity.

The video below is another test to see where you are at on your journey of awareness. If you can feel and see what I say here, then you are ready to go onto the next phase, which is arriving on this planet for real. This is much harder than facing the topic of animal abuse, but if you can face that, then it is time to stop looking at how it makes you feel and start looking at how this unbelievable reality came to be in the first place. For what allowed this most obvious of hypocrisies in human behavior to be present, is the same thing that is creating all the mayhem within our minds, and all the mayhem we are trying to fix on this planet.  For within this incredibly well kept secret, is a window to a new way for humans to express their existence, without all the fear and pain that currently controls their reality.

So I am doing much more than just highlighting my objections to CRUELTY… I am actually taking you on an expansive journey to opening up your compassion – then, and only then, can I start to explain the nature of this reality you are in, and then I can show you how to expand beyond it – hence the name of my talk at the Vegan Festival Adelaide…”BEYOND VEGAN”

I have been encouraged by people that I should stay away from the animal cruelty debate that is emerging, because it is futile, because it has been done a thousand times before, and beacuse it simply does not work as a technique for waking people up. It has been suggested that I stick to what I am good at as a counselor – and that is to take people on expansive journey’s and to show them new and more powerful ways to think. And then once established as someone that can do such things, present the animal issue from this supposedly more credible position.

So I will take this moment to make it very clear why I am highlighting the abuse of animal life up front….

Because if you can’t look at this then you will not be able to evolve past the pain that is crippling your existence. So lets go straight to the doorway of freedom – and that is the ugliest and most avoided reality of human behavior EVER! And I mean ever. Nothing that we humans have ever done has been this heinous, cruel and disrespectful to life. And in numbers that are staggering and growing. So obviously there is something enormous for us to learn if we start to explore this incredible reality/issue that has somehow been avoided in the main. And those few that do attempt to scream out that this is happening, traditionally get labeled as radicals, hippies, weak, soft, tree huggers, or just plain mad! I do understand why that is – it looks like you are individually being asked to give up so much of your lifestyle and pleasure. And the people encouraging you to to so do not really themselves understand where to take you from there – hence being a vegan as a destination is simply not appealing to most people. And our human systems have already been created from this denial, so it obviously puts them into a stand still if this was to be faced. But don’t let this fool you. Look anyway. This is real. This is happening. And life beyond facing it will absorb all the fear that encourages you not to look.

I know to some this may seem really obvious, but to the majority of people it is not. And that is evidenced in our avoidance of facing that we are partaking in the most watered down crime ever committed by such large numbers of people – and as these people represent the majority, they therefore cannot be called on their behavior via systems of law for example.

Listen to me – If you can’t see this then you will die lost in a world of denial, disturbance and fear. That is the truth whether you like it or not. So lets all wake up and do this, because the fact that it is emotionally hard, is a pathetic excuse to allow this violence to continue. Violence that most people justify, condone, partake in and contribute to the production of – and even share the by-product of such violence, that being dead body parts, in places of happiness and human connection, as if that is something to celebrate…that’s just how lost and screwed up we have become.

How you expand and grow beyond your fears is up to you. I offer what I feel is the journey to such things, however, one thing I can say is a TRUTH, not a perception, is that the animal issue is like a litmus test as to whether you are on a pathway to destruction, or on a journey to becoming a super being.NOTE: opening subtitle error – ” to decide whether we you think we are…” Correction –  “to decide whether you think we are…”


3 responses

  1. Brilliant David… I am so encouraged to be on this journey and to be a part of the ones who get what you are saying… I feel blessed!!! McKenna

    March 7, 2011 at 1:38 am

  2. Les

    Dear David,
    I think in this illusive reality where we are the humanity has been led to believe that it is okay to kill animals for food consumption or even for fun. I always have felt very uncomfortable when walking through the butchers’ shops, supermarkets etc. When I was young I once was told to kill a chicken, but I couldn’t do it so I was laughed at. From the moment we are born into this world we are being falsely indoctrinated into this and much more so it becomes our daily ‘norm’ in living our lives. You can say that we act, behave and think as preprogrammed robots. This comes down to the way that most of us have been taught to think in certain unhealthy ways-thanks to our so called educational system etc.

    Thank you for making this mind-opening video presentation.

    With reagrds,

    November 24, 2011 at 8:16 am

  3. manifest101

    This is BRILLIANT – I love it, best video ever, hadn’t seen it before !!
    So honest, confronting yet kind and patient for flesh eating viewers – makes the choice staggeringly simple and mankind’s blindness glaringly obvious !!!

    Thank you !

    December 13, 2013 at 2:40 am

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