It is time for humans to be called on their cruelty and deceit

I can barely stand living on this sick planet anymore…

Are you humans so pathetic that you cannot show your true faces!

Well I call you out…all of you who continue to deny your contribution to the cruelty on this planet.

And it is time the genuinely decent, honest, real and awake people on this planet did the same.

Open your eyes and have a look. Look at how many animlas are killed every single day to satiate human greed…go on,  google that!

Look at how many people suffer from anxiety and depression and how many young people commit suicide because of this stupid society we inflict upon them and tell them to be happy in…google that!

Show some dam courage and stand up inside your sick reality and say NO to all that you know is wrong!

WE ALL KNOW THE TRUTH – so trust it.

I and many other aware and intelligent people have tolerated this for long enough… stop lying, wake up and get real.

If you can watch this video and see how sick we have become then find the courage to stop this insanity. And I am not just throwing my weight around, as I share I genuine pathway out of this insanity if anyone should find the courage to become bigger than the disabling energy that we call fear. It is the continuance of cruelty to the weak and disadvantaged that calls forth people like myself to stand up and say NO – enough is enough.

It is time for life expansion through the journey of unleashing compassion…not the pathway offered by people like Sam Niel in the video below.

If you want to enhance the functioning of your brain and enhance your intelligence and creativity – then stop putting dead flesh in your mouth, stop justifying the heinous slaughter of these animals and unleash your compassion. Nothing else but complete compassion can allow you to wake up and grow beyond your fears. And it is fear that holds us in an edited perceptual reality and it is fear that keeps us extremely intellectually repressed relative to our potential. Eat red meat – really Sam…what were you thinking?

Interested in being intelligent? Then ask me how?



2 responses

  1. aaron

    Great post. Is it really so hard to put the dots together… yes it is, if we are upholding the murder of other living beings as being ‘freedom of choice’.

    Every time I see the little orangutan in that commercial put his hand over his face it’s like he is trying to say “Red meat!? – Sam, what are you thinking! Wake up!”

    Go David! Don’t ever stop!

    October 24, 2010 at 7:49 am

  2. Tamar

    Sam Neil. You’re a hypocritical retard.

    October 24, 2010 at 10:14 am

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