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Reasons to become compassionate…tough one!

Concept is a game…Comapssion is not

Compassion is only a game to bullies!

Lets first look at the definition of BULLY –  “A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”. “To use superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force him or her to do what one wants”.

Tricky one. Because this is the term that people that justify cruelty to animals use against those that try to stop them. So, to anyone who uses superior strength, intelligence or wisdom to stop cruelty, you are not a bully as to be a bully requires choice. To be a bully requires that you are lost in a world of fear which is the world of perception. To anyone that is awake, there is no choice in stopping this insane cruelty, there is no choice full stop. And if no choice then it is TRUTH. And if it is truth then it is compassion. And if it is compassion then be guided by nothing else.

Two friends that I have known independently for over a decade have both come to the conclusion that I am “fucking mad”  – and this is because I cannot accommodate their justification of murder and their contribution to it anymore. So I have put the animals before personal friendship it would appear, and once again, I get attacked for caring about other living beings beyond self. It reminds me of the bullies at school as I would jump to the defense of the fat kid, the smelly kid, the ugly kid, the small kid, in fact it would appear that bullies only attack what is weaker than they are, or what is more real and caring than they are. And then when a stronger force enters their arena, they are forced to re-think, because now you are standing in the way between their sick idea of pleasure and their ability to bring that to life. So of course they attack you in a group, or behind safe confines as they try to find a weakness in your being! Well, they tried and I would not submit and I will not today – the difference for me is that the arena is now the whole world as it would appear that the planet has an infestation of bullies.

I get accused by people of making this all about me – they work hard on getting me to see it that way, and I say to them or anyone else out there….call me what you like, because COMPASSION is not a game. It is not a debate. It is not an intellectual discussion. It is just plain simple – if fact is what they want – bullying is bullying – read your own human created definition! So if you are a murderer, abuser and user, please stop whining about your own feelings because it makes you look really really stupid!

Well, I have a message for all those people that try to put me down, attack me and demean my existence…


Take your best shot. Because every-time you knock me down I stand up stronger, clearer and more determined to end your reign of terror over the weak and disadvantaged.

So it may look like I too am playing a game with my compassion, but I am not, I am engaging their game and bringing it to an end by standing strong in my compassion. I don’t care how that looks in the sick little world of human perception. I am not going away and I encourage others to stop the bullies with me. Their days of ruling this planet are coming to an end, and if they keep fighting me, putting me down and attacking my compassion…then I will would rather die trying than submit to their sick and deluded processes of thought.

Please listen to these two AUDIO RECORDINGS as they are an expansion on the previous post.


We may be small in number, but we have heart, we have strength, we have honesty, we have intelligence and most importantly…we have compassion. And don’t let them fool you that you are not compassionate because you say NO to killers!


The conceptual journey into compassion

I have been told by many people that my approach to what I share is wrong and that I should speak with more love and light, but that I do have something good to say. So I realized that I am not explaining myself clearly enough. So here is another attempt to encourage people to look, not at me, but at what I can see. Something that is there for all of us to see and unite in.


Life Expansion explored as a technique for human survival

This audio recording evolved out of discussions on Facebook with a group of intelligent people that are very focused on the future of humanity, bringing that awareness into the now and then combining that with advanced technology to ensure our survival as a species. However, despite their good intentions, I feel strongly that we should halt our development of technology until we first learn to expand our existing perceptual reality, so we can think and feel in a compassionate state… And this could happen quickly once embraced, and then if technology is to be our savior, we will find out. As things stand I would suggest that technology will become an enhanced version of the cyber prison that we already live in – particularly if put in the hands of what currently drives human thought….FEAR! And fear will continue to create what it always has – CONTROL!

PRESS PLAYI also propose that expansive thinking will create an advanced existence beyond the physical, whether that be organic or not. Either way, if we do not face the cruelty in our behavior TODAY, then I predict an end to the possibility of a free state of conscious existence – do the maths, it is there to be seen!

But please convince me otherwise if you think I am off track somehow.