Life Expansion explored as a technique for human survival

This audio recording evolved out of discussions on Facebook with a group of intelligent people that are very focused on the future of humanity, bringing that awareness into the now and then combining that with advanced technology to ensure our survival as a species. However, despite their good intentions, I feel strongly that we should halt our development of technology until we first learn to expand our existing perceptual reality, so we can think and feel in a compassionate state… And this could happen quickly once embraced, and then if technology is to be our savior, we will find out. As things stand I would suggest that technology will become an enhanced version of the cyber prison that we already live in – particularly if put in the hands of what currently drives human thought….FEAR! And fear will continue to create what it always has – CONTROL!

PRESS PLAY I also propose that expansive thinking will create an advanced existence beyond the physical, whether that be organic or not. Either way, if we do not face the cruelty in our behavior TODAY, then I predict an end to the possibility of a free state of conscious existence – do the maths, it is there to be seen!

But please convince me otherwise if you think I am off track somehow.


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