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Truth Vs Perception

The human species currently express their opinions about life because they cannot see the truth of life.

Opinions are all worthless anyway, like tiny insignificant ramblings in a maize of infinite possibilities that serve little other than to create confusion and distortion to life. Opinions are deluded ideas created from fear based thinking and become the cage of ignorance from which humans examine life – people are experiencing self created incarceration and seem incapable of seeing beyond this, hence they must justify such ridiculous behavior as abuse to animals in order to maintain their desperate need for pleasure.

The only thing that matters is the truth – and the truth is that the human species is in denial of the fact that they are abusing helpless creatures that are weaker and more vulnerable than them… and that could fairly be seen as the greatest weakness in a living beings character that one could ever imagine…OR… the greatest sign that we are trapped in a deluded space of thought from which we will never see truth. I go for the latter as I am giving these people a chance to experience life from beyond the story they are trapped in and hence live in an expansive state, whereby compassion leads the journey, not fear of death and the sickening desperation this creates.