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The President of the USA on uniting humanity!

I don’t think we question our leaders enough on uniting humanity. I was pleased to see President Obama presented with this topic on The View.

What do you think of his response?

My response to his response is…

  1. The reason that the initial sense of unity disappeared, shortly after him being elected into office, was because nothing had been presented that can unite us? Obviously, or it would have happened. In fact the complete opposite has manifested, as suggested by the presenter on The View.
  2. So if people of the United States are more at odds with each other than ever before, what are our leaders missing?
  3. Can we let you lead the most powerfully influential nation in the world without having first looked at the nature of human compassion and where we currently sit as a species?
  4. Why does Obama always talk about American people? It is not just them that would like a civil debate. We all would like to be part of that. Otherwise I see American politics sitting in a dangerously arrogant seat, given the level of enforced international influence that they put forth.
  5. So…lets not wait for the US to do something about it. We…you, me and everyone can lead this world from an honest place in the simple knowing that compassion is not something that can be traded, unlike other human qualities. And to trade such a pure and powerful energy is paramount to suicide and complete stupidity.
  6. Do you think Obama knows what it takes to create a complete person? Would he agree with this…”I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
    Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President.

Did you know that you are hurting people whilst hurting animals?

The majority of people on this planet justify the cruelty we inflict upon animals so they can maintain their daily habitual lifestyle. When presented with the harsh reality of this, many still continue to stand in defiance against any proposition that they might stop partaking in murder and become more compassionate beings.

Funny that isn’t it? Everyone is complaining about the destruction of life on earth and only compassion can change that, and yet it is compassion that we stand in opposition to. So who are we to demand peace in our lives and defy the possibility of such things at the same time…what is the truth then? Are we a caring species with the ability to evolve or not? Why do we look at compassion as something that takes time to inject into society? Why can’t we just see it now?

So in avoiding facing and hence feeling that horrid acts of cruelty we humans partake in, we are hurting many things; the creature we destroy, ourselves and those that already care, that already feel the pain. Think about that next time you justify your secret involvement in cruelty…even if you don’t care about the animals, how do you justify knowing that caring people suffer greatly watching others abuse, murder and eat other living beings?

Not many people that eat meat think about this. For example, I personally feel sick every time I walk into a supermarket with so many sliced up dead bodies on display, as I witness people perusing the selection to find that perfect peace of animal to satiate their desires of taste, not hunger, taste. All this death to please just one of our senses.

We could all transform and finally exist if we could feel the pain of all we inflict on this world, as that is the barrier between us and the truth of our existence… Once feeling completely, then we will see where we are. And it is not what it appears to be! Of course right? How could it be when we live in an edited reality. But when I say it will look different, I mean very different to what this edited world allows you to see.

Final thought…if you think you are feeling the pain of the world but somehow you feel trapped by this, then you are not feeling it. You are feeling how it makes you feel, so it is still about your story and hence you are still trapped. Watch out for that as it is an easy mistake to make.

WATCH THIS VIDEO and see if you can see what it is I am talking about.

Anthony DeMello on waking up!

I highly recommend listening to the words of Anthony DeMello and this is the first of a series of 4 videos – the complete set is available for viewing under the Unleashing Consciousness page…just click on the sub-heading WAKING UP with Anthony DeMello. Unfortunately Anthony has passed on from our world, but I am grateful that he left us with these inspiring and informative ideas that are really packed with great stuff to absorb and let into your reality. His ideas are complimentary to all I share, and the essence of his being was speaking from a place of unedited truth.

If you never know truth then you never know love!

If we could all honestly unite in the truth exposed in the song “Where is the love” then world would change very quickly. But as long as we live in denial as to the nature of the experience we are witnessing and creating then truth and love will not be ours to give and receive. At least not in a sustainable and united sense…love will remain lost in the world of wanting and desire.

A journey of thought and sound – a journey of awareness

This video is something I put together some time ago and I just plucked it off my first website done many years ago…”The Insanity of Humanity”. Back when home video editing was quite basic….well for me anyway! So I thought I would blog it as it does withhold the necessary questions to start off the journey of expanding ones conceptual reality. Not very fancy but I hope you get something out of it.When I refer to the Construct I am referring to the psychological cage of thought that we create on our journey of learning; our life story. This story is held together by fear and hence we defend and justify it as it represents what we believe is the truth. But it is not! For more information on the Construct and what creates it, go to the links section and click on The Insanity of Humanity.

Proud to be an Australian?

I have moments when I think being an Australian is a blessing. We have beautiful beaches, great weather and lots of opportunities for all. However, we have an aspect to our culture that absolutely repulses me. I think this video will sum that up and explain why I won’t accept invitations to Australian barbecues. Please see the video through as it will all make sense by the end.…thanks!

What I am pointing out here is not to condemn Australian culture, or any culture for that matter. I am trying to help people broaden their perspective enough to be able to see that we are living in a distorted and edited reality that is denying us from ever seeing the truth. This lack of truth allows for atrocities to exist that somehow we disguise as something to be proud of…yes proud. In fact one should be careful as they may be labeled as “UN-AUSTRALIAN” for not partaking in such things.

I offer an alternative to this illness that pervades so many beliefs and cultures. I am offering a pathway towards a life of expansion, enhanced experiences and feelings that will guide us away from the disabling confusion created by pain. Hence embarking us towards a world of possibilities that will be founded with integrity…not corruption of ones own thoughts and corresponding actions.

This a journey to unite humanity through compassion, not through the consumption of baby lambs as directed by Sam Kekovich! Wake up Sam and stop trying to take people further towards The Insanity of Humanity.

Why would we contribute to such insane and intense cruelty when we could so easily stop it?

Can we really evolve and unite in a pure place of love and joy whilst partaking in and justifying such obvious illness in our collective behavior as human beings?


Note: The names vegan or animal cruelty represent topics most people avoid quite dramatically. In fact meat eaters get more “heated” and “accusatory” over discussing cruelty than do vegans. So why do you think that is? Because vegans are facing and releasing into their existence something that meat eaters are not… human compassion. And to avoid this is like rejecting one of the most necessary ingredients for one to truly evolve and expand the ability to feel and experience life.

You are what you eat! This simple statement is embodied with more truth than most people could ever have imagined. And not for the more obvious physical/medical/health reasons , but for far more powerful reasons.

If you have any desire to wake up then watch this video: And not through your existing framework of thoughts, or values, or rights and wrongs. Just look at it, feel it and absorb it, and you may be surprised the effect it will have on your existence. There is something magical that happens when you look without judgment at the obscenities of human functioning. I mean really look at it!

This video is very graphic in its content re animal cruelty, so be prepared. And I must say it was a great pleasure for me to see Paul McCartney, such a successful and wealthy man, take such a deep interest in the welfare of other living beings.

He is one of the smart ones who must be waking up to the realization that to face the cruelty that exists within us, frees us to face anything we encounter…because what could be more challenging than this when you take into account the collective suffering of the billions of  animals we kill every year for our pleasure… Key Point: pleasure not sustenance. We do not need meat to survive on the whole, so therefore our motivation is not survival, but simply to satisfy a desire for taste.

So we are trading life for desire!

Please give this journey a go, trust me and let it effect you, and take note of any resistance you feel…as that is the energy that creates all of the denial on this planet. And this denial is a consequence of our fear controlling our behavior and hence leaving us in a small, tight and edited reality. This edited reality we all currently live in, is why we cannot unite as a species towards the journey of love and trust. Qualities that we all demand of those in our lives, yet seem incapable to give in return.

Can you trust someone that says killing innocent creatures is ok?

Can you trust yourself considering the denial and blocking of true emotion that is required to not see something so obvious.

So how much you feel when watching this video could help you know how far you are from waking up and truly embracing life. If you are a meat eater and ready to evolve, then you may be about to experience more peace and truth in the journey of your life than you could have ever imagined.  Simply by facing the most ugly reality created by mankind.

Go in to this with an openness like you have never allowed before, and like a warrior, do not walk away from what you are about to be challenged by. Also, don’t get lost in the topic, that being cruelty or animal rights, as what it will expose is the mechanism standing between you and the truth of everything.

The unleashing of Human Compassion to save life on Earth

The great thinkers throughout the journey of humanity have united in one common place of truth…the need for human compassion to embrace all living creatures if we are to survive as a species.

Uniting is such a beautiful energy to experience.

Uniting is such a beautiful energy to experience. If we are to survive we need to unite and if we are to unite then it will only happen if that energy is expansive and founded with compassion for all of life.

Watch this video… Great energy! This is ours to have if we can just opens our eyes and hearts beyond the segregated application of our love.

Pushing consciouness through the Construct

To push ones consciousness through their Construct is to experience life beyond their life story, revealing all the hidden secrets of human existence and unleashing a world of possibilities.