Uniting humanity

Uniting is the key to the survival of our species. However, it is a very difficult space for us to stay in whilst living in our segregated belief structures, our Construct. The Construct only allows for moments of true uniting. When united we are existing together in a harmonious state and functioning from a place that is more powerful than fear, hence removing us from our restrictive life stories.

So how do we stay united? By finding a common place of truth that will be so powerful that our existence will transcend beyond the fear and pain that currently defines our existence – the creator of our life stories. I suggest that this common place of truth is human compassion. If we are unable to unite completely beyond our beliefs, then be prepared for a life of increasing and life suppressing laws and controls.

Check out this video and feel the power of uniting. Imagine if this energy was created from integrity that was complete in its expression, hence allowing us to stay in such a beautiful place of existence.

We are uniting in a lie…

Unfortunately or not, we are currently uniting in our lies, so this beautiful energy that was felt by many in the above video is not ours to have in a sustainable sense. Well not yet anyway, but at least we know we can feel that way with each other. A place of existence where loneliness would be a forgotten concept of past and primitive human functioning. So lets get honest about our dishonesty and see what happens. Below is one of my postings from the home(blogs) page that I felt was worth keeping in the uniting page…

“As a species we have not yet learned to trust each other and therefore are not honest with each other, and yet we are building a world through this edited reality we share. So we are uniting in a lie and building a world that is the representation of a lie. A lie that we are trying to convince ourselves is truth, hence our reluctance to look at what we have created. We may have needed to believe that we were more than what we are to get to this point on our journey, but first we must see it is a lie that we are what we dream of being, if we are to bring the possibilities of our existence to life in a real sense… In a manner that we can experience and share with each other! No wonder we can’t really connect with other people and feel lonely most of the time. And usually we cannot even be honest about our dishonesty.”

AUDIO recording part 1…

Okay, now the lie is faced and the cruelty is acknowledged, then what do we do? We dream, we connect and we unite in a place of truth, a place of love. But for real this time!

AUDIO recording part2…


Great minds uniting…

What do you think the following people were on about to say such things, given that most people argue against the united truth they share?

“For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”
Pythagoras, mathematician

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look on the murder of men.”
Leonardo da Vinci, artist and scientist

“Our task must be to free ourselves . . . by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty”…”Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”
Albert Einstein, physicist, Nobel Prize 1921

“As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.”
Leo Tolstoy, author

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
Mahatma Gandhi, statesman and philosopher

“You have just dined, and however scrupulously the slaughterhouse is concealed in the graceful distance of miles, there is complicity.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson, essayist

“I am in favor of animal rights as well as human rights. That is the way of a whole human being.”
Abraham Lincoln, 16th U.S. President

“Some of the greatest minds that have ever existed in humanity expressed a united truth on one particular topic in amongst their individual pursuits of genius. That common place of truth was their awareness of the need for human compassion to encompass all living beings if we are to survive as a species. Yet despite this information being shared for over two millennium, the reality that we are presented with today on planet earth, is that we have been unable to embrace and build this into our reality. The consequences are devastating creating all of the mayhem which we are trying to fix without first addressing this most crucial issue…Human Compassion.” David Coles, blogger!!!

Here is what the current President of the United States had to say about uniting. I think he is missing the point, what about you? (this video was also blogged on 1 August 2010)

My response to his response is…

  1. The reason that the initial sense of unity disappeared, shortly after him being elected into office, was because nothing had been presented that can unite us? Obviously, or it would have happened. In fact the complete opposite has manifested, as suggested by the presenter on The View.
  2. So if people of the United States are more at odds with each other than ever before, what are our leaders missing?
  3. Can we let you lead the most powerfully influential nation in the world without having first looked at the nature of human compassion and where we currently sit as a species?
  4. Why does Obama always talk about American people? It is not just them that would like a civil debate. We all would like to be part of that. Otherwise I see American politics sitting in a dangerously arrogant seat, given the level of enforced international influence that they put forth.
  5. So…lets not wait for the US to do something about it. We…you, me and everyone can lead this world from an honest place in the simple knowing that compassion is not something that can be traded, unlike other human qualities. And to trade such a pure and powerful energy is paramount to suicide and complete stupidity.
  6. Do you think Obama knows what it takes to create a complete person?

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