The unleashing of Human Compassion to save life on Earth

The great thinkers throughout the journey of humanity have united in one common place of truth…the need for human compassion to embrace all living creatures if we are to survive as a species.

Interview with a VEGAN!

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Will we survive?

To survive we must find a new way to exist, to think and to feel. A way that is not guided by fear. A way that does not leave us chasing “good” feelings and running from “bad” feelings. A way that builds the strength to feel everything and hence through that understand the world in which we exist and interact with.

We can create a world where human beings no longer abuse their power through fear of having none and realize the power of consciousness in an unedited state of being. A state that will ensure our survival without needing to destroy others lives to maintain our destiny.

Is this possible? It has not happened yet.

Life Idiom says yes it is possible and that a new language for life is just waiting for us to embrace, breath and share with all that we encounter.

Life Idiom welcomes you!


Truth Vs Perception

The human species currently express their opinions about life because they cannot see the truth of life.

Opinions are all worthless anyway, like tiny insignificant ramblings in a maize of infinite possibilities that serve little other than to create confusion and distortion to life. Opinions are deluded ideas created from fear based thinking and become the cage of ignorance from which humans examine life – people are experiencing self created incarceration and seem incapable of seeing beyond this, hence they must justify such ridiculous behavior as abuse to animals in order to maintain their desperate need for pleasure.

The only thing that matters is the truth – and the truth is that the human species is in denial of the fact that they are abusing helpless creatures that are weaker and more vulnerable than them… and that could fairly be seen as the greatest weakness in a living beings character that one could ever imagine…OR… the greatest sign that we are trapped in a deluded space of thought from which we will never see truth. I go for the latter as I am giving these people a chance to experience life from beyond the story they are trapped in and hence live in an expansive state, whereby compassion leads the journey, not fear of death and the sickening desperation this creates.

Incomplete compassion is just that….incomplete!

Without a complete state of compassion being expressed via human existence, then I predict that the human species will destroy, not just other species, but also their own existence after millions of years of walking the hard road of survival. The insane thing is we can change, but it will require a massive amount of effort and we would have to start now!

WISDOM – where is it? In our youth or our elders like Julia Gilard and Obama?

This is great group of young thinkers that feel and explore more about life than most “adults” I meet. Why is that? Especially given the impending finale of the HUMAN play being carried out on Earth that awaits us – a finish to our journey that we will loose our dignity, compassion and integrity in exchange for ignorant greed.

What was natures intention?

Extract from my book – The Insanity of Humanity.

The question to ask oneself is… Is the way we think locked in stone, or are we free to create, think and feel beyond that? Well lets explore some crucial topics to get this exploration in motion.


“In vain desperation we try to reconfigure our existing knowledge on human functioning, in an attempt to find the peace that we so frantically seek in our minds.”

So what was nature’s intention?

Nature, creation, evolution, God or some form of alien intelligence formed the world that you and I are living in now. Whatever your beliefs are in regard to this topic, or wherever the truth lies in all of this is to some degree irrelevant. Because whatever the cause, one thing we can be sure of, we are experiencing something!

It is a matter of understanding what that ‘something’ is.

In so many ways this world is an amazing place to exist in. Yet, despite the obvious beauty, suffering and death are necessary for life to continue. Everything is eating another living creature to survive.

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, lots of things must die in order for something to live.

Is this wrong? Or is it just the way it is?

There is only one species on this planet that has the necessary levels of Conscious Awareness to know what they are eating and whether suffering is attached to that process…and that is human beings. But we don’t use that awareness, as we continue to partake in the consumption of life for the continuance of our own. And the number of animals that humans kill every year numbers in the billions.

I don’t think there would be too much argument in regard to the fact that this process was necessary for us to survive in more primitive times. But was it nature’s intention that we should continue along this course and accept the suffering that is created in the process for our survival?

Whether it was nature’s intention or not does not really matter, as we have the ability to do otherwise, and this fact in itself could indicate that the answer to the question is yes. If we opened up our minds, we would not have to knowingly kill any other creature in order to live out our existence. Irrespective of this, we justify that the current mode of functioning of our behaviour is just a way of life. Just the way it is!

Well yes, it is this way at present. But why would we fight to protect and defend a way of life that is primitive, cruel and basic from an awareness perspective? This is denial and manipulation of information to create a pathway of thought and corresponding action to suit that one particular individual.

So why do we still justify our contribution to the cruelty, especially when we consider that the same process can turn back on us at any moment? Suddenly we are no longer the predator and we become the prey. It certainly doesn’t feel good when we are on the less desirable side of the coin. In fact, most of us would scream out in indignant fear, begging for help and for someone to save us.

Compassion when turned on and off to suit our own needs is not compassion at all, just convenient processes of thinking. For example, if we’re only compassionate to human suffering then we are not actually being compassionate. We, by being human, fear the notion of experiencing the same type of pain that leads us to want to help others. This is how the Construct guides our thinking whether we are aware of it or not.

The essence behind all I have proposed here and the questions that I have asked, underlies the reasoning behind everything that we are doing that is destroying our planet, our home.

It is not just our home; it is the home of every single living entity that exists on this planet. Just because the majority of them do not have the power to speak up for their lives to be treated with respect, does not excuse our abuse of power to abuse their emotional world. We can continue to justify the manner in which we exercise our domination over other living things, but ultimately it will not just lead to the demise of their lives, but also of our own. Let me reiterate something important to consider and ask yourself where you sit relative to this statement…

The true test of humanity’s current levels of awareness is exposed in the way we treat those things that we are not forced to treat with compassion or kindness…

Whether that be people, animals or our planet. Do you consider the life and suffering of an animal before you eat it? Do you stop to help the wild animal that has been hit by a car? Most people don’t, and if they do they rarely act on this awareness. Why? Because getting what they want is more important than the integrity of how they acquire it. They have a destination of happiness to find, so they can’t let too much else get in the way. It is in our treatment of animals that the corruption in our thinking is most readily exposed, hence why I use it as an example to illustrate my point.

Some people debate with me that we are the superior species, proclaiming that they have the right to do whatever we want. I wonder if these people will graciously give this justification in behaviour to an advanced alien species should they make it to Earth, as they lock us inside little cages while preparing us for their dinner! They may even find it useful to keep us alive while draining various substances from our organs…doesn’t sound so bad does it? I mean it can’t be ‘bad’ can it? Because people on the whole accept and contribute to such things every day of their lives. What they don’t know, is that to partake in such behaviour is actually feeding the illusion that is destroying their lives and all of humanity – we really are the sacrificial lamb, and while lost in our ignorance and pride, we gloat and indulge in our power and all that this can provide for us.

So…what is going on inside your mind right now?

Awareness…or…indifference! I have helped many individuals on their journey into awareness, and the majority have stopped eating animals without me ever mentioning this topic. They found this truth by becoming aware. The process of unleashing their compassion beyond their Construct of thought, allowed them to feel equally for all living creatures. Then whether or not they turn a blind eye to the suffering of others is no longer a choice…it just is. They now act on this awareness rather than justifying and defending their existing thoughts.

However, if you are still confused about what I am saying; give yourself a break, for it is not you that is consuming life…it is pain via the pathways of your Problem-Solving Mind.

I too was brought up eating other living beings and it took me many years to wake up to the insanity of what I was partaking in and how divergent this was from me growing into a mature and caring man.

Pain when misunderstood allows for the justification of just about anything in the right circumstances. So the Problem-Solving Mind is simply being true to nature’s intention as we speak. However, we as living entities that are alive with Conscious Energy have the ability to redirect this, not just for our own good, but also for the cause of life itself.

Nature’s weapon

Nature certainly created the ultimate piece of thinking machinery to keep us trapped in the existing processes of evolution. However, it also created the unbelievable possibility for us to break free of this. But first we need to clearly understand the nature of these mechanisms that are disallowing our freedom.

The Construct is necessary for the functioning of the Problem-Solving Mind, which is developed for the behaviour of a child, or for that of a relatively primitive creature; a being that does not have the ability to interact with life via the peaceful pathways of wisdom and awareness.

As the Problem-Solving Mind creates beliefs, they are by the very nature of this founded in fear, hence the need to protect and defend them when challenged. It is not necessary that we take our beliefs on our journey into our adult lives, but this is exactly what we are doing. Therefore, they become somewhat rigid, corrupt and distorted, as we continue to try and enforce them on the world as if they are the truth. Of course this leaves us with nothing but continuing frustration and disturbance.

I acknowledge how difficult it is to leave our beliefs behind, as I know only too well from my own life. Particularly in light of the fact that I have not met anyone else doing the same thing. I am not saying that there are not people doing this but I have not met them. So doing this alone whilst others are still fighting for their beliefs is challenging, hence the importance for the human race to find a common place of understanding. But it starts with one person, and then two, and on it goes!

Let’s look at the development of a Construct within the functioning of an intelligent and emotionally driven creature on this planet, other than human.

Most young creatures grow up relying on their parents to teach them the ways of life. Through a process of learning they develop skills to take advantage of their genetic realities. Their learning is coming from many years of carefully developed survival techniques that have worked from generation to generation. All of this learning makes total sense within the mind of the creature absorbing it.
Imagine a wolf cub

Through the process of evolution and survival of the fittest, a wolf exists harmoniously in its environment. The learning that is transferred from generation to generation is totally appropriate to the genetic reality of this creature and to the environment in which it exists. Via all of this appropriate and healthy learning from its parents, the cub develops into a full-grown wolf. It now fulfills its purpose and role within the hierarchy of its social group. It has developed a Construct that guides its journey in a healthy and functional manner and there is no need to look past this. Because of the limited thinking capabilities of the mind within this Construct, the destruction to life and other living things is limited to that which is only pertaining to the immediate survival of this creature. Functioning by association is a very basic system of dealing with life. It works fine in this kind of situation that I have just described; however, it creates a lot of disorder and problems for us as human beings in a more complicated world.

We absorb large amounts of disturbing and diluted information that does not match or make sense within the confines of our genetic makeup. As we progress through life, continuing to learn by association, we end up fearing more and more things. The simple process that I have just described is what leads to many psychological conditions such as anxiety, depression and phobias. That is, irrational fears where there is no real and present danger. But as far as the mind is concerned the danger is real. It cannot discern the difference between perception and reality and it is programmed to believe what its learning tells it.

The more inappropriate our learning, the more irrational is the nature of our fear and our corresponding behaviour. When we cannot emotionally handle our fears we try to control what we think is causing this pain.

The dart theory

Because we are the masters of problem-solving, we have been able to adapt to extreme environmental changes, hence the continuing journey of us as a species. This meant our mind, unlike a wolf’s, was capable of taking us into situations that had very little to do with whether or not our genetic makeup matched the environment which we were entering. As our human ancestors began to spread across the planet over many thousands of years, they created a genetic diversity that is extremely interesting, but not necessarily conducive to our lives making sense.

The further we have removed ourselves from an environment that matched our genetic makeup, the more powerfully the Problem-Solving Mind has stepped in to take over our lives. Hence it is building its own environments to suit its own functioning. Now more than ever on this planet our physical capabilities have little to do with whether we survive or not. Also, with the advent of the rapid technological advances witnessed in the last century, we have once again further removed ourselves from our physical being offering us any clues as to the purpose of our existence. Yet because of the functioning of the Problem-Solving Mind, we still behave as if our physical existence is who and what we are. In fact we are more obsessed with it than ever before!

The result of this is that we are living in a world in which our genetic makeup does not match our physical environment. Our learning has almost nothing to do with our innate purpose. Let alone where our spirit fits into all of this…

Our birth location and all that happened after this, has as much meaning and substance as if our lives started as a dart being thrown randomly at the spinning world…

From wherever this dart should land, we are effectively on our own, struggling to work out the nature of our existence and how to survive. Even worse, we have to do this with learning that is dysfunctional and inappropriate, while at the same time being driven by forces beyond our control and understanding. In fact, given that our primary learning influence comes from our parents and given that they are functioning through a world of distorted fear, it is not surprising why everybody is lost and confused.

The reality of this dynamic is perfect for the Problem-Solving Mind and the Construct to maintain control over our very existence.

It is time that we discover a more effective and peaceful way to function, because we are still relying on the same system of learning and development that was necessary for us to exist in more primitive times. It is simply not appropriate in the world we live in today, and this is forcing us to have to look beyond the parameters of our lives.

I encourage all of humanity to cease enforcing the primitive pathways along which we are all currently walking. Initially this can be done by relinquishing ourselves of the control that the Problem-Solving Mind has over us. This may sound hypocritical, but for the Problem-Solving Mind to continue its reign over our lives, it is necessary for us to fight and struggle with the reality of our own minds. That is what we are all doing as we bury ourselves deep within our own psychological nightmares.

Let’s clarify what I have just proposed. The Problem-Solving Mind and its ability to conquer its external environment, is almost too smart for its own good. In the process of its insatiable desire to satisfy its needs and its determination to survive, it has driven us into environments and into social structures which have very little to do with the nature of our being. It is our environment that determines our belief structures, whether they are appropriate to us or not.

Even though it may appear that the Problem-Solving Mind is experiencing great levels of pain, it is certainly managing to fulfill its apparent destiny of control. One could easily conclude that the external dynamics of our lives seem to have no rhyme or reason, other than to lure us with a state of happiness that always lies beyond our reach. We are trying to find something that does not exist and using the part of the brain that got us into this situation in the first place!

However, it does not matter what the Problem-Solving Mind is trying to get, it will never be satisfied because the nature of its functioning denies this possibility. In fact, it is structured such that if life were to resemble something in the order of what would make us content, it would create a drama in order to create a problem to give itself a sense of purpose. When it has a sense of purpose it can almost start to believe that it is actually real – even though it cannot work how to get close to its vision of where it thinks happiness lives.

To what degree the Problem-Solving Mind knows what it’s doing is debatable. Although it is the creator of our experiential reality, it is quite possible it is just a tool being used by other forces in the same manner that it is controlling us.

Either the Problem-Solving Mind is unable to truly absorb the entirety of life’s information, hence leaving it no option but to create a virtual reality; or, it knows exactly what it’s doing, absorbs and embraces every aspect of life as it experiences it, and then selectively gives us the necessary information to keep us trapped…. I am proposing the latter.

Please note: as you explore this book about the functioning of the Problem-Solving Mind, always keep the possibilities of what is actually going on very open and flexible. I suggest this because we are all living in a world of illusion, and it would therefore be wise to always keep our minds open as to what is real and what is not.

Life in a room

Imagine what would happen if a person was locked in a room from the time they were born and their basic survival necessities were taken care of. Until the age of 20 they have no control over what learning takes place in that room. I am sure it would be quite easy to accept that the structure and behavioural characteristics of that person’s thinking would be heavily influenced by the stimuli they were subjected to.

For example; if all he or she saw were videos of violence and destruction, then one would presume this person would develop a multitude of irrational fears, and this would be reflected in the development of their Construct. Let alone the effects of being locked in a room for 20 years. They would have no point of comparison so this would become their reality.

Once they were released into the ‘real world’, their sense of reality would be extremely distorted and many degrees of separation from the truth. Primarily their mind would be in a complete state of illusion, and therefore their emotional responses would not be effectively corresponding to what was actually happening around them. The end-result of this would be that the person would become incredibly stressed, anxious, depressed and confused.

The sad reality, although our learning is rarely this extreme, is that most people’s lives are a version of what I have just described. Think of the room as a representation of our learning. This learning creates the box that we are all trapped in and it is the visual representation of the psychological cage that controls our lives.

Do you think because you didn’t grow up in one room that your life has more freedom?

Unless you were taught, or figured it out yourself, that you are not your Construct, then the size of the room is irrelevant. You can’t leave planet Earth, not yet anyway, so think of this as the box. Of course it has nothing to do with where you grew up, whether it is in a room or roaming the whole planet. It is your learning (and the beliefs they create) that become the box in which you exist – the restrictive parameters of your existence.

We are simply interpreters of what our senses receive and from this information we attempt to form a sense of reality relevant to our internal emotional forces. The less appropriate our learning, and the more detached our genetics are from our environment, the more we will feel disturbed and hence live in a more distorted illusionary state.

Irrespective of the nature of the learning, it is still an illusion…

This really is the key point all of us need to absorb. This is because we seem to think that one type of learning is better than another, or that one person’s life is more fortunate…but it isn’t. It is all the same thing in a different disguise. Otherwise we will keep fighting to enforce what we feel as we believe it to be the truth, and never understand why our actions don’t lead to positive outcomes.

If your life feels terribly wrong, then more than likely you have got to the point where you can no longer believe what you feel. You therefore need to accept that your life has become an illusion, and by searching deeply for the truth, you will be able to reattach to reality. From an experiential point of view, we are what we feel; so given the state of our conditioning we must accept that the foundation of our whole life is an illusion.

Our learning is our foundation, but it is only a platform from which to explore beyond, not to be limited by.

The loop of unsolvable disturbance

If the mind receives information that triggers fear, it uses this as a guide to decide what course of action it should take. If one feels fear then we interpret this as a bad feeling, and therefore create a negative association with the thing we perceive to have triggered this fear. The Problem-Solving Mind is built to remove us from anything that feels bad. This can lead to great confusion if this process is in conflict with the belief structure that the Problem-Solving Mind has previously built.

A belief structure is created to give us a sense of knowing and identity, to help us find a life that matches our beliefs in order to feel secure. However, if as a child we absorb information from an environment that has an element of familiarity to it, we may falsely associate this as meaning security – even if the environment is in fact extraordinarily unhealthy and dangerous to our existence. We may find ourselves having a program or belief structure that ends up leading us to make decisions in our interpretation of life, creating dynamics that end up making us feel bad.

Now we really have a dilemma.

The Problem-Solving Mind becomes very confused as it is guided by its own creation, its belief structure, but at the same time it is also programmed very strongly to remove itself from anything that feels bad. As the belief structure’s functioning is the stronger of these two realities, we quite often stay in unhealthy situations.  We live with these bad feelings in the false hope that somehow this situation will keep us safe, and that we will eventually feel good. Of course, we are relying on a false notion and our perceptions are misguiding us. Our belief structure was created without integrity and so we find ourselves repeatedly going from one situation of disturbance to another, never understanding, why this happens, why we can’t feel good and the nature of our self-destructive existence.

The Problem-Solving Mind experiences such a massive dilemma over these kinds of scenarios. It sees such a conflict of interest between its belief structure, which functions more on a subconscious level, and its conscious state of trying to avoid bad feelings. The ‘bad’ news is we are all living out a version of the above scenario.

So no matter what we do, or what our learning is, we will end up circling back to where we started; hence the journey of life into The Insanity of Humanity.

Prince or pauper?

To expand on the above discussion; If you were offered the opportunity to have your life all over again and the options were to be a prince or pauper, which would you choose?

Now for the perceptually unfortunate answer to this question.

Whether you are a prince or a pauper, if the Problem-Solving Mind controls your life you will never be satisfied.

Don’t be too concerned about the nature of the journey of your life, where you were born, or what opportunities were afforded to you. Ultimately it adds up to the same thing when we are housed in the Construct.

On the other side of the coin, this observable factor in the functioning of our Constructs also opens up our minds to realise that our life story is irrelevant. Not in a dismissive sense, but in a freeing one. Any situation allows us the possibility, with the right guidance and awareness, to move beyond these restrictive parameters. In reality none is better than any other, because ultimately we end up feeling the same thing – trapped and confused within the limitations of our own thoughts.

Freedom can only happen when we realise that it is all in our mind. Once something has been experienced it is gone in a real sense. It can now only exist in the framework of our fear if we buy into the illusion that it is us. Stop and think about this…if you buy into thinking that something is you then your life will never be able to move beyond that. Hence the process of incarceration that we have created for ourselves from the day we were born.

Thoughts, emotions and survival

All emotions we currently experience are a part of our survival process. They are an expression of our fear in an attempt to create responses from the external world that will hopefully work in our favour. Our emotions are created from our thoughts. Effectively they are one in the same thing, but we get caught up in the process of constantly responding to our emotions with more problem-solving thoughts. This brings out more emotions as if it wasn’t an original thought that created the emotion in the first place. We get trapped in this eternal process of thinking and responding in a desperate attempt to find security and happiness.

When thinking of emotions think of survival, hence the importance of not letting them fool us into a reactive state of being and hence controlling the entirety of our existence… well at least until we have stirred our deeper levels of awareness from its slumber.

Try this in spite of nature’s intention!

I know feelings are powerful forces, but always remember it is just a feeling. Feelings that disable us are triggered when a thought gets too close to the parameters of the Construct, and the Construct will do whatever it can to stop this thought from escaping. Which means you can escape as we can travel in thought – therefore seeing life in a more expansive way every time you allow yourself to travel through disturbing emotions. So for now think of thought as the space ship and think of feeling as energy that can either control us, or it can be used to travel to the outer reaches of existence. Hence why I encourage people to feel more, to feel everything. Otherwise you will never see life, just your own thoughts – and who needs that?

Collateral damage and the Pinhole Theory reviewed.

Beliefs are not real in the sense that they are not what we think they are. Even if we grab every single belief we have and combine it with all of the information we have acquired in our lifetime, it still only equates to a very small amount of information – particularly when you explore this idea relative to the truth of how many factors actually create all we see. A belief only represents a very minute portion of what is and it does not take into account the complex array of factors that creates the outcomes that we experience. Beliefs simply lead to the need to hold specific aspects of life accountable for what we see, as they work within what the mind considers a fairly fixed and finite reality. Of course, in the truth of life, nothing is fixed and nothing is finite. Beliefs are mechanisms of functioning serving the basic survival needs of a child, or a creature such as a wolf. The stakes are getting higher all of the time and the justifications are as obscene as ever. We are taking the acceptance of collateral damage to a new level of illness as we accept the death of innocent people and animals in order to maintain control.

Fear is the guide

The Problem-Solving Mind’s survival mechanism uses the level of fear it feels as its primary guide to its decision-making. Therefore, it makes sense that it must constantly be in a state of alertness to danger. Even if you are in a situation that is primarily danger free, in fact even if it is a wonderful situation with total comfort and luxury surrounding you, the Problem-Solving Mind is still active. It is still using up large amounts of energy to function and it is still creating an underlying feeling of something not being quite right.

If the Problem-Solving Mind perceives that the external world is where all of the threats to its existence come from, it will never fully trust anything. So no matter what surroundings you are in, it can never fully relax. Even if people learn how to remove themselves from seeing life as a problem (through processes like meditation), the Construct is still active and is still draining them of energy. In fact, its alertness is even greater now that it has been left alone in the dark.

Is “your” way “the” way?

This audio recording presents an interesting question for all of us to explore, whatever your beliefs are on life, love… everything! I am proposing that for humanity to unite and create a sustainable existence, we would have to be uniting in how we “FEEL” about life. So lets look at your beliefs and how you feel – and I mean all of it with complete honesty, not just the “good” bits you like to show to the world. Now realistically grab the essence of the feeling in that and imagine if everyone “felt” the same way. Would that unite us? Would life continue to flourish on Earth. Would we expand beyond our fears? Would we communicate without judgment? Would we be able to give and receive love?

For example. I have seen many “Kids who love hunting” groups on facebook today. With parents that support and encourage this way of being…. that is to enjoy hunting and killing. Now imagine if we all did that…. how long would their be any animals on Earth? And without animals we die! So, this is probably a false deluded concept of life. So whatever we feel, and however we see life, it must be able to create expansion of both the physical, energetic, conceptual and spiritual aspects of being so they become one thing….US!

So what way of being will unite us in that?


Enough of the anger with each other – really, we must stop that

This recording was actually created for myself to reflect on the documentary I am making with 2 very aware and gifted individuals. I thought deeply whilst recording, about a very special woman that I have met on Facebook. She is truly the peaceful warrior of our time and she promotes truth and understanding between all human beings and all creatures on this planet. Most people who care deeply get lost in their anger, but this fine lady has managed to transcend beyond this disturbance, grab the wisdom from feeling it, and share with strength, courage and a knowing I have rarely seen. Her name is McKenna. So this recording is in honor of her life. Thank you for all the inspiration and truth that I learn from you. David Coles.


Bushfire Vs Vegan Movement – who will triumph?

David Vs Goliath – the battle has begun!


If I could speak, this is what I would say


Let me tell you about my life.

What my life feels like, what I have experienced so far.

And from my experiences, what I think about life.

I can’t speak.

So you are hearing me say what I would say, if I could speak, but I can’t.

I can’t tell you the life I would love to live, I can’t tell you the life that I could live, because I wouldn’t know what that is and wouldn’t know what that would feel like.

I know nothing about a world of possibilities.

I know nothing about the future.

All I know is one thing… Pain

And I can see what is causing my pain, and it’s not me.

This is not in my head, this is not a dream, this is real. I am experiencing this.

I have been abused my whole life.

I am kicked and punched by people that are so angry and disturbed, that for some reason they want to take it out on me.

They seem to take pleasure from the pain that I experience. In fact, the more pain that I experience, the more pleasure they seem to feel.

I never know when or why. I don’t know what the right thing to do is, it doesn’t seem to matter.

They wont let me out of this tiny cage that they’ve put me in.

They keep taking away my friends, and I don’t know why… They never come back.

This is my life. This is what I would like to tell you about if I had a voice.

Because I think I am about to die.

I think I’m about to be killed.

I can smell it.

I can sense it.

I can feel it.

Let me tell you who I am.

I am the piece of meat on your plate… that you are about to eat.

So I hope you enjoy me, because I have been through the most horrid experience and know nothing else.  So once again I can see humans taking pleasure from my suffering and my death, right to the end and beyond my death.

I watch you now, that I ‘m gone.

I look at you and I wonder what you are and why you did this, and why you keep doing this. And I look at you and I wonder why you would want to separate babies from their mothers.  Why you would want to kill us, when you bred us and fed us.

I wonder why.

I wonder why you don’t tell your children where I came from.

But I am watching you, because I am the piece of meat on your plate. I am what you are about to put in your mouth for your pleasure.

So is that why I am here to suffer for you?

Tell me, before I leave, as I sit here watching you, tell me why.

Because I can see that you feel. I can see that you don’t like pain. I can see that you can barely stand any pain. I can see that you barely stand someone saying something to you that you don’t like. And it seems so strange that you are so sensitive and caring about yourselves, and yet, over almost nothing, able to inflict enormous levels of pain and cruelty on my life.

So yes I am talking to you, and I am dead now, but this is what I would say if I could.

Just tell me why, and if you can honestly see truth in your life and the future of humanity in what you were doing to me, and billions of others every single week, then you should have no problem explaining it and there would be no need to justify it, and you would be able to tell your children about it.

So something is wrong. Something is wrong with you… all of you.

Terribly, terribly, wrong.

And I can only help you by sharing what you have done to me.

Our children are the future….

What sort of future would you like them to create? It will be what ever you teach them… teach them to accept cruelty and they will build that in… simple maths!It is one thing to lie to ourselves, but to lie to our children is a blatant abuse of a child’s rights. Think how long it takes for many  Vegans just to figure out that our food was created from pathways of torture and death. And many of them are innately compassionate people. There is a lot of learning to unlearn… so why not just say it the way it us right up front. That would give a child the best chance of finding strength in this amazing and challenging experience.

I do have empathy for people who keep justifying eating meat and I do understand how difficult it is to change these habits after years of enforced thinking… thinking that was inappropriately put into their heads by their parents and them… by their parents and so on we go. We can not evolve this way. We can not wake up this way – even though some people think they are awake! 

But please stop and think about whether you are going to let your past rule your life, or whether you are going to stand up today and be reborn as a you that is actually YOU! And any Vegans reading this may be thinking, why are you saying this to me, I have stopped eating meat. What I am suggesting is that we all need to let go of the past completely and use our compassion without the constraints of the arduous journey that got us here. Then it will be unleashed. Then the real journey of humanity will begin.

Otherwise we will keep lying to protect ourselves, but in doing so we end up living inside that world of lies, until eventually we forget how to get out – so we end up fighting to defend what little we have left, without ever really realizing what happened to us in the first place…. and until you know this then you are asleep in a dream like state that feels real, but is not. I see the Vegan movement as the beginning of realizing all this, as this topic forces such a close inspection of all that we are. VEGAN and BEYOND!

This video is a tribute to beautiful boy

This sad story impacted me so greatly that it has permanently shifted me into another gear and to do more every day. I feel him!

Humans cry over harsh words!

What more can I say? Do I need to say more?

Concept is a game…Comapssion is not

Compassion is only a game to bullies!

Lets first look at the definition of BULLY –  “A person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker”. “To use superior strength or influence to intimidate, typically to force him or her to do what one wants”.

Tricky one. Because this is the term that people that justify cruelty to animals use against those that try to stop them. So, to anyone who uses superior strength, intelligence or wisdom to stop cruelty, you are not a bully as to be a bully requires choice. To be a bully requires that you are lost in a world of fear which is the world of perception. To anyone that is awake, there is no choice in stopping this insane cruelty, there is no choice full stop. And if no choice then it is TRUTH. And if it is truth then it is compassion. And if it is compassion then be guided by nothing else.

Two friends that I have known independently for over a decade have both come to the conclusion that I am “fucking mad”  – and this is because I cannot accommodate their justification of murder and their contribution to it anymore. So I have put the animals before personal friendship it would appear, and once again, I get attacked for caring about other living beings beyond self. It reminds me of the bullies at school as I would jump to the defense of the fat kid, the smelly kid, the ugly kid, the small kid, in fact it would appear that bullies only attack what is weaker than they are, or what is more real and caring than they are. And then when a stronger force enters their arena, they are forced to re-think, because now you are standing in the way between their sick idea of pleasure and their ability to bring that to life. So of course they attack you in a group, or behind safe confines as they try to find a weakness in your being! Well, they tried and I would not submit and I will not today – the difference for me is that the arena is now the whole world as it would appear that the planet has an infestation of bullies.

I get accused by people of making this all about me – they work hard on getting me to see it that way, and I say to them or anyone else out there….call me what you like, because COMPASSION is not a game. It is not a debate. It is not an intellectual discussion. It is just plain simple – if fact is what they want – bullying is bullying – read your own human created definition! So if you are a murderer, abuser and user, please stop whining about your own feelings because it makes you look really really stupid!

Well, I have a message for all those people that try to put me down, attack me and demean my existence…


Take your best shot. Because every-time you knock me down I stand up stronger, clearer and more determined to end your reign of terror over the weak and disadvantaged.

So it may look like I too am playing a game with my compassion, but I am not, I am engaging their game and bringing it to an end by standing strong in my compassion. I don’t care how that looks in the sick little world of human perception. I am not going away and I encourage others to stop the bullies with me. Their days of ruling this planet are coming to an end, and if they keep fighting me, putting me down and attacking my compassion…then I will would rather die trying than submit to their sick and deluded processes of thought.

Please listen to these two AUDIO RECORDINGS as they are an expansion on the previous post.


We may be small in number, but we have heart, we have strength, we have honesty, we have intelligence and most importantly…we have compassion. And don’t let them fool you that you are not compassionate because you say NO to killers!