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One person… One life… One day…

Statistics can be overwhelming or even obscure the truth. Can anyone really relate to figures that talk of the collective cruelty on this planet? Does that make it easy to not see ones personal involvement in such things?

Imagine if every person on the planet just for one day did not eat an animal. THAT IS A LOT OF LIVES SAVED.

So lets make one day today! Do it for me, do it for another living being and do it for you. If we expanded our compassion every day it would not be long before this planet was a safe and peaceful place to exist. So……..

One day for you is a life time for an animal. And to give to anything outside our circle of compassion is the beginning of creating a life beyond pain.


To expand on this recording…if you are already a Vegan for example, your one day could be to share this with someone you know that does still justify murder and help them by engaging these types of conversations. And don’t be put off by their response as it is easy for the majority to hide behind collective denial, but it is time for the minority to unite and feel strong that they are standing in a unique and rare place of existence. So be proud, courageous and acknowledge that you are on the pathway to save the planet, but without sharing this it will not happen as the numbers are still tipping the scales in the direction of destruction.


WAKING UP is to acknowledge that you exist….

…to acknowledge that you are here for real. This is not a trial anymore. We have been practicing long enough. We have seen enough. We know enough. We can wake up and realize that we are having an effect on all we encounter. Yes you, me and everyone you see. So what is guiding these effects we have? I am suggesting that our deluded and misplaced sense of self is, and all the mayhem we see is a consequence of this, of us! If we were truly awake why would we hurt our home? It is our home not an experimental lab. Time to stop now. Time to feel…


Creator of experience Vs Mastery over the physical realm

This recording explores the essence of what expansive thinking is and how it can open up the possibilities to being the guide of our experience as oppossed to trying to master the world we percieve to be outside of us(the physical realm). I won’t write any more on this as I feel there is enough here to listen too.


Dreams Vs Possibilities

Life is not a process of trial and error and yet that is how we continue to engage it.  We scramble to fix the mess we create without even knowing what it is we are experimenting on. This pathway of existence allows for too much denial as no one really takes any responsibility for the outcomes of our lack of knowing, and no one is looking at the whole picture and guiding us through that. So we all wear the cost of our collective hurry to gain control. It is our dreams that cause so much of the mayhem because we do not truly explore the possibilities of life first. So do not act on dreams until you see they are possible. Possibilities can be brought to life through our dreams but are useless if they are created from an edited reality that our denial keeps us trapped in…which is the norm. Look at life honestly, including your contribution to all you resist and there are the possibilities waiting for us to live into and bring the future of a beautiful life into the now, hence what we now call the “now” becomes the past…which is where it belongs! The now is antiquated. The future is our true home. I will explore this more but just sit in this idea for now.


I am suggesting that the “answers” we are looking for exist in our minds already, we just have to find them. But first we must see clearly where we are at today, what we are creating, and stop that before it is too late to bring the possibilities of a life without fear into existence. Fear only exists when we don’t or can’t face what is. And it is not hard to see that we all share this rather strange reality. So strange that we wont even face that we are destroying ourselves, by simply not LOOKING at our behaviour… which tells us all about life! So lets stop defending and start looking and then we can start dreaming and start living rather than surviving. Surviving got us this far but it will bring the end to our lives very soon. We have nothing to loose, unless you like the idea of a living hell for your children and all the animals on the planet. Who could possibility want that? Only someone very angry and lost! So lets start sharing honesty no matter what, and expand our ability to think, because surely we can see that our current mode of restricted awareness is not enough.

Have you ever dreamed of a world where you felt safe, loved and connected to life?

If the truth is so amazing, why do we hide and protect it?

I explore lots of ideas in this recording to tie together the journey of waking up into a united concept. Concepts can be used to build highways of exploration towards being able to exist without concept, however, be mindful that any concept becomes a limiting reality when not released within expansive energy. So be careful how you utilize your ability to think, feel and imagine, as it will either create a cage of repression, or a journey into a deep feeling, aware and highly intelligent world.

In sharing my recordings I am not sharing a fixed way of being, I am sharing how I explore life, learn about life, understand this dimension and me within it, and how I build my journey towards an advanced state of existence. I have been recording my feelings, observations and ideas for over 12 years now and hence I have thousands of them on file… which in essence is my journey into the mind I travel in today. I have new thoughts and expansive ideas daily, so I am putting my recent stuff out to explore, as I personally find them more interesting and hopefully you will too.

I find the current  mode of human thinking very limited, fearful, controlling and repressive. So I can’t tell others not to be that way, but I can let them know how I journey this life, and then maybe something in what I share will inspire them to break out of their own cages, and join an expansive experience of true love and compassion… whilst all the while gaining strength, intelligence, wisdom and insight to many of life’s hidden realities.

I know we can do this, we have it within us to be more than these creatures of destruction roaming the planet to get what we want and using our compassion in a very selective and limited manner. Once compassion is unleashed we can relax about trusting each other and get on with uniting and sharing our thoughts, rather than sharing what servers our individual life stories. What possibilities lay before us? A world where we are united and yet feel more unique and freely expressive of that individuality… more than we could have ever hoped was real. But it is real, and this is my way to that. I hope others meet me in this place, however they choose to arrive there. And if not, then maybe it is not possible, but one thing I do know, and that is the fact that this kind of exploring of life will dramatically expand your reality leaving you with more roam to move, feel and explore life in…and of course this just keeps increasing. So it is up to you what you do with the reality you exist in. I am hopefully able to offer some sparks to wake you up and help you start living, instead of being lost in the futile game of surviving…because we die anyway no matter what we do. So let that go and you will be amazed what you will find.


Don’t let your imagination stop you from waking up

The following AUDIO RECORDING was one of those wake up in the middle of the night ideas, which is not uncommon for me, so although I sound a little blunt, rough, clogged up and a use a few words some may find offensive, it is important stuff to think about. So another on my recommended list!

Our imagination is a wonderful thing. Combined with our amazing intelligence and problem solving abilities, it has led to us being able to manipulate physical matter to the degree that we know how to make 3D televisions for our entertainment and develop bombs that could destroy the whole planet in a matter of hours. Let alone the wonders of stem cell research and alike. And as our compassion has not been unleashed it is easy to see that the only thing guiding all this is our desires, and our desires are created from fear of not having…which effectively means that fear is guiding everything we do. And in such a mode of functioning we never look at the entirety of our experience because fear places us in a segregated reality. A world of edited thoughts and feelings that are pertaining to our notion of survival, which is in reality just a bunch of people trying to keep their life stories alive…hence why we try to unite our life stories with well crafted belief structures. But belief structures are rigid concepts that have little flex in them and they don’t like being challenged. So as we apply our minds in such a space we will inevitably let our abilities lead to our own demise because we never stop to look at the whole thing that we are in. Yes we are in something. Something that can be understood. Something that is trying to show us something, but we are not looking because we are too busy surviving, which interestingly, will end our survival. So we are currently misreading life’s information and certainly responding to it inappropriately.

So we are not here to get lost in the experience of life, which is wanting, but rather we have the opportunity to unleash US within it. Why are we being so pathetic as to live at the mercy of this experience? Why do we keep trying to get something from a world that is hurting us? That sounds like we are caught in an abusive relationship!

Sooooooo, lets figure out where we are and what it is telling us rather than trying to get something from it…that makes us blind and dumb no matter how clever the stuff is we create. As things stand our lives are not real. We are not US yet. We are are distorted version of this experience which collectively exposes the entirety of what it is we are being effected by.

Competition is killing us!

Competition distracts us. Competition blinds us. Competition makes us dumb!

Whether we have what ‘society’ would call a shitty life or a happy life, really makes little difference, as we are all caught up in the same experience, we are all being effected by it. And when we are effected by it we are not looking at it. We are looking at a part of it. The part we think is effecting our world…and this edited aspect of life will vary from individual to individual depending on our life story and beliefs about life. So we are either running, defending or chasing something, and we wonder why after so many years to pass on wisdom on the human journey, that we are no closer to the truth of our existence. How could we be when we are not all uniting in looking at this entire experience. I mean look at IT, not your experience of IT. Look at all of it.

Imagine how quickly we could get to the truth in amongst this maize of emotions and thoughts if we stopped competing, and started uniting and sharing what we think we are looking at without being concerned about what we are individually trying to get from it!

We are in a place that drives us to chase stuff in a world of seemingly limited opportunities for attaining our desires, hence the competitive spirit that drives our lives, as we are ultimately all wanting the same thing, that is happiness. And there appears to be a limited number of happiness flags placed on the hill that we are running for, fighting for and defending once got. If we keep competing with each other we will never unite…obviously right? And the only way to stop keep competing is to stop wanting.

Imagine wanting nothing from this world…

You would be surprised what would happen. Hard to tell people at this phase of the human journey, but let me say we would unleash our experience in such a way that wanting would become an obsolete technique of existence, and it would be replaced with existing for real. Yes, we do not currently exist, but we have the possibility to if we stop wanting! I will explore the idea that we do not exist in another blog…it’s a good one!


Unforgiving whilst demanding forgiveness!

This recording is nearly 17min long so take the time to relax and listen. It is another one of my favorites of late and it explores the hypocrisy and denial of our existence that allows for us to segregate our morality and compassion. I go deeper into explaining the mechanisms that keep us trapped in our pain, and what we need to face and understand if we are to wake up, and learn to live beyond the fear that is an ever growing reality consuming our lives.


David presents a moment of clarity… and lays the foundation! Now, lets unite in that.

Have you ever really stopped to think about life on earth, and the reality of what we are creating and where this is heading us? Well, hopefully this AUDIO RECORDING well help get this process of exploration in motion, or at least expand your existing thoughts in this realm. It is nearly 15min in length but well worth the listen. I make reference to my book The Insanity of Humanity, as it has in it essential information to expand on all said in this recording…either CLICK HERE or go to the links section. The published version will be available soon. I will also include this recording on the David presents page.

Stand up and say no to what you see…

Or what are you? Really, what are you if you personally stand by and let the cruelty continue, let alone feed the processes that keep it alive and well. Ask yourself this question, why do the people that fight to justify the continuance of the murder of other beings for their pleasure, complain so much about their own feelings? Please explain? I know…do you? Come on, comment and start a debate. I welcome it, because no one that justifies eating animals has ever put forward anything that would explain how, that for us to keep murdering, is actually enhancing the journey of life on earth.


Am I mad? Is there more than one me?

AUDIO RECORDING… To wake up is to completely recognise the existence of a you that functions under the parameters that guide all physical matter, which we experience as the conceptual world. So the conceptual us does exist, but it is not the limit of our journey, no matter what it feels like when we get to the edge of its reality. As the edge of reality is a moment of perceptual confusion as we have the possibility to transform from a state of insanity to sanity. See our conceptual self as a launching pad to a life of expansive possibilities beyond any perceived constraints. Or think of it as a shell that we grow in but must also wake up in and realise that there we can exist outside of this shell, but one must be fearless to do such a thing as fear is corruption of thought and only purity of thought can exist beyond our perceptions!

And the beautiful thing is…this is only ours to have when we have unleashed our compassion. It would be too dangerous for it to be any other way… Lucky for us!

Now ANGELS deliver DEATH!

AUDIO RECORDING…I am not sure whether this is a good or bad thing, but despite everything I know about human behavior and the horrid acts of cruelty that our shared delusional state leads to, I still get shocked by some information I receive. I was driving in my car the other day and a radio ad came on associating two concepts that really have no place being associated with each other. The idea of murdered animals being delivered to you by an ANGEL – yes an angel. Hmmm, this is just plain wrong to me, does anyone else see how horrid this is. Let alone the simple fact that these animals are bred to be killed in the first place. Ah human beings…what a beautiful species. We can make anything sound OK and somehow believe our own bullshit.  Sometimes I am disgusted to even be a human. What good do we really think will come from this abuse of other species less fortunate than us. Here is some info off their website…

Brumby’s is proud to introduce an exciting addition to its savoury range – the new Premium Angus Beef Pie (David – “remember this is a living being with feelings – and they are proud and excited to deliver their dead carcass…great!”).

Packed with hearty chunks of 100% Australian Angus Beef swimming in a rich, delicious gravy… every bite is tender, juicy and full of flavour. We’re celebrating (“party party!”) because you can now buy your Premium Angus Beef pies where you pick up your fresh baked bread and snacks! Over the next few weeks, the Street Team are converting into Brumby’s Angus Angels and want to give you the chance to win a delivery of the all new Brumby’s Angus Beef Pies to your worksite! Simply tell us why you want the Brumby’s Angus Angels at your worksite with a special delivery of the all new Angus Beef Pies for your chance to win! Don’t settle for just any old beef pie (“No, don’t buy any old murdered cow – get one that is bred to completely satisfy your taste buds!”) , drop into your local Brumby’s today and discover the 100% Australian Angus Beef difference.

It’s 100% satisfying, 100% tastier and only at Brumby’s.

Really, what sort of world do you think we are creating when we accept such atrocities and somehow not even see it as an atrocity? In fact, in the main, people like myself are seen as the weird ones for caring about the fact that we destroy other beings for our pleasure. Even if you eat meat, can you see that to justify such things, let alone associate Angels with the delivery of death, is building a world that will inevitably turn back against us.

If this experience is a test of our integrity, intelligence and decency as a species….you are failing human race, so step up and get real because time is running out. We need to unite in an honest place no matter how hard this is to do, and we need to do it soon, because the momentum of our insanity is going to be hard to stop as we are investing way too much emotional energy into the world that we are so addicted to.

We are addicts, all of us, and in denial like all addicts are! So the first step is for us to admit that we need help like any addict does!

Acknowledgement of life…

In this AUDIO RECORDING I explore why I am good to animals and discover that it comes from my acknowledgment of their existence. To acknowledge the life of another living being brings them into your reality which opens up the possibility for compassion to given to them. I like the simplicity of this recording and I remember the beautiful feelings I had whilst saying it and looking at my vegan puppy TOFU…enjoy!

We are uniting in a lie….what can come of this?

As a species we have not yet learnt to trust each other and therefore are not honest with each other, and yet we are building a world through this edited reality we share. So we are uniting in a lie and building a world that is the representation of a lie. A lie that we are trying to convince ourselves is truth, hence our reluctance to look at what we have created. We may have needed to believe that we were more than what we are to get to this point on our journey, but first we must see it is a lie, if we are to bring the possibilities of our existence to life in a real sense… In a manner that we can experience and share with each other! No wonder we can’t really connect with other people and feel lonely most of the time. And usually we cannot even be honest about our dishonesty. Does this make sense??? No????? Maybe???? Well listen to this AUDIO recording….

There is a lot more to life than you think there is… Lots more!

It is time for us to unite in our imagination to create possibilities for a life beyond what we currently think is real. But first we must unite in a common place of truth or we will continue to fight for which belief or idea is the one we should follow. And currently people are held on a journey by being shackled by society and it’s brutal techniques of enforcement. We don’t need people to lead us, we just need to unite. If we were genuinely compassionate then no need for laws…imagine that. No laws. No police force. Ahhhhh, I feel the freedom in that thought already. Especially considering the hypocrisy of the people that try to control us now. The crazy thing with the law is that it actually suppresses truth and yet we keep adding more and more to our world every single day! Where do you think that is heading us?

Think about the fact that the “more” component I talk of exists right now. It is there even though you may not be able to feel it.This AUDIO recording will expand on what I am exploring above…

Where do you sit in this reality?

AUDIO recording notes – In life we create a notion of who and what we are, including how loving, decent and honest we are. So look at what you think you are and then look at your behavior and see if they fit. Because until the two match perfectly you will always experience varying degrees of distortion that will effect your ability to feel life accurately.

We are analyzing the wrong people!

It is the normal people that are the greatest influence on the nature of the life we are creating so why are we not looking at them…instead we focus on the individuals that break out of the norm. And because the norm is the majority they tend to go under the radar. Funny isn’t it, we are ignoring what there is most of to see and getting caught up in silly little issues that we argue about and fight over – usually targeting a few individuals and using them as an excuse for more collective controls to be put in place. This is a good audio recording to explore…


The key to survival is adaptation… The world is changing very fast and we are not expanding at a rate even close to what we are experiencing. So lets get on it and have a listen to this AUDIO recording…Adaptation and life expansion dissolve the obsessiveness of our wanting…