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This site is for anyone interested in two separate but also interrelated aspects of life…

  1. Seeing humanity UNITE and hence move beyond the barriers created by religion, politics and any beliefs that create separation. This uniting would require an unleashing of human compassion and hence would bring an end to the cruelty that is inflicted upon people and animals – and the nature of life on Earth would change forever.
  2. A life without depression or anxiety, in fact, no psychologically disabling conditions at all. This is done by learning how to navigate the perceptual reality that we all currently live in, and in doing so, build a journey towards waking up and arriving on Earth outside of perception, which is the only way you can actually be present in the REAL world. You would no longer live in a version of life based on your life story, but rather to be here for real, hence there would be no internal debate(the cause of all stress) – just you, life and your experience of it. It is a strange notion to propose that we are not awake, as we are interacting with life, but we are doing so in a perceptual state and that is just one limited view of life. We are lost in our own world and have not yet learned to remove the thoughts standing between us and life, so we are not actually here yet. And until we face this fact then we will always try to force perception into truth, hence creating all the pain we experience, owing to this misunderstanding of life.

I share my personal journey to facing the reality of my own existence and the human dimensions that appear to have control over my experience of it. I have discovered that within this conceptual place we all live, is a portal to a life that more closely resembles the essence of how we would all like to feel…that being empowered, confident, strong and clear. To get to this point where I could share such things has required me to face many realities of life and qualities in me that could so easily have been avoided. But to avoid such things is paramount to self destruction. I say this founded on the notion that for us to truly wake up and become complete beings means facing the entirety of life…not just the bits that appear to resemble what we want to see.

I applaud anyone for having the courage to explore what I present, as it is difficult to face honestly without the defense of ones own contribution to the destruction of life that we are all witnessing and being effected by. Lets all build this world together from a place of shared understanding, and stop all this futile fighting over beliefs, religion and politics. And to do this requires getting real and stepping out of our edited perceptual reality that incarcerates our existence. The information I share can do just that…it can create the necessary awareness to wake-up, hence allowing you to see the true nature of your existence and what influences your experience of it.

Listen to this AUDIO RECORDING before watching the video’s below, as it will expand the potential to wake up within the experience that these video offers. I clearly explain what it is that I am presenting to you….

I present something real… Something honest… Something stimulating and exciting that will expand your reality, enabling you to feel more and experience more. Something beyond the distorted reality that we are all trying to unite in.

I present information that can unleash your mind and build strength and passion into your life. It is essential to start this journey with a solid foundation. This is done by looking at all you avoid seeing and feeling…as this is where the doorway to freedom lives. Looking at the most disturbing aspects of life creates an unexpected possibility…the opportunity to experience the emotional depth and richness of heart that lives within a life of expansive human compassion. And if you are complete and united in your compassion, the foundation is set, and the possibilities of creating a powerful existence embodied with integrity are boundless.

If you can unleash your compassion, you will also free up the pathways towards an advanced state of intelligence and creative thinking abilities. Think about it..the more expansive your thinking, the more evolved, aware and intelligent you become. You can’t free up your human potential within a restrictive place of thought and corresponding feelings. And how could you expand whilst still justifying and partaking in anything associated to cruelty and the convenient destruction of life to satisfy a need? Simple answer…you can’t!

Yes I will challenge your existing beliefs at times and yes that will feel unpleasant. But don’t be fooled by this and try not to react in a defense manner…as that destroys the pathways to expansion. The things you defend are the things you need to look at the most if you are to find freedom within your existence. To hold on too tightly to your beliefs is in total contradiction to expansion of life. Feelings flow freely in an expansive space and do not represent restrictive realities.  Realities that leave you chasing only certain aspects of life, that is, the things you perceive that will make you feel good, but never seem to be able to hold onto.

All you have to do is listen, look and feel until you are bigger than any information that life presents you with…bigger than the information of life that I present you with! I will guide you to this place of expansive existence, as I  present information that holds all the necessary components of thought and feeling to create such a journey. This is not about agreeing with me, this about learning to bust open your world so you can embrace all of life, and hence interact with it from a confident and strong energetic place.

If you can’t feel beyond your own pain and fear you will never see the truth of your existence, as it is through feelings that our experience is created. So I will teach you to FEEL expansively and feel all you encounter. But first you will need to understand and share the pathways of evolution that disallow true expansion expression of life to exist…and this aspect of your journey is explored in detail in my book The Insanity of Humanity.

Watch the 3 video’s below as I explain the important area’s of exploration to focus your attention.


The following audio recordings are a further discussion on the idea of life expansion and why human compassion is the essential foundation to start from…

  1. This audio track explores the manner in which you receive information and the manner in which it is utilized to create a unique expression of self whilst at the same time maintaining a definable collective human journey – all designed to impede expansion and yet has within it the possibility to expand when you truly look at what it is presenting you with…witnessed through the very behavior that guides your life. Traditionally people expand in their youth until they get to a tipping point and then begin the journey of retraction. This is represented by the desire to protect, defend and maintain the nature of your life story…the story you have come to believe is you. This leaves you at the mercy of the world you experience hence you attempt to control what aspects of life that you experience. If you are to wake up then you need to experience whatever information is being presented to you by life hence the importance of life expansion, and expansion can not exist when you continue to place compassion in a world of convenient denial at the cost off truth. Another health bonus to life expansion is a very effective immune system…you will feel more powerful and once again less at the mercy of life.
  2. There are a lot of topics we could discuss and debate…but lets just see whether we can find a common place of truth with just one. Yes…ONE!
  3. We are huge expansive beings existing within a small and confined conceptual reality.

If you are still unsure of what it is I am presenting, don’t be concerned as this is just the beginning of many avenues of exploration listed below…

  • The Home page will include my daily observations of life that will aid in the journey towards waking up and arriving completely within this reality. They will include written, audio and visual material. The blogs are also categorized under the headings seen above.
  • If you would like to stay updated with the progress of my shared journey into the waking up and healing of the human spirit then please subscribe via email or RSS. Thanks! And please comment and share your opinions and advice on how you feel we can enhance and expand the challenging journey of life that we share together with all living beings.
  • For anyone looking for a more personal injection of awareness into their lives, I also offer Life Expansion Sessions on the internet via Skype, or in person if you are really genuine about building a life of strength, clarity and integrity…please contact me for more details.
  • I will be hosting an online TALK RADIO SHOW called Life Expansion with David Coles – I am an experienced talk-back radio show host and I am excited to share all I know without the constraints that used to be placed on me by commercial radio stations.

For more information about me so you know who you are interacting with, go to the David page.


5 responses

  1. Philippa Coogan

    This makes so much sense – Brilliant and inspiring – I can’t wait to see and hear more – I love how interactive this site is – it’s about time someone is saying it like it is.

    June 17, 2010 at 7:56 am

  2. Thank you and welcome to a world of expansive possibilities! Waking this world up is not going to be an easy task and based on the fact that the majority of people can’t even see why it is cruel to kill and eat animals, indicates very clearly that as a collective species our chances of survival are debatable. I would suggest that we can only hope that once consciousness is completely released then the human brain will actually change in how it functions. If not, we could all stop eating animals and still be a sick, lost and deluded species living under a world of laws, controls and ongoing brutal enforcement. I focus on the animal issue because it is so obvious and effects every single human being on the planet. Tell me another topic that does that and has within it the potential to wake people up? I can’t think of one. It is also such a heart filled topic and it is only from here that compassion can be released. Thanks again and I look forward to further comments! Also, if the rest of the world decided to stay within the world of cruelty that they so readily defend…then so be it and be free yourself. David.

    June 24, 2010 at 10:33 am

  3. Aaron

    You say it like it is – how else can we ever get real!

    July 20, 2010 at 9:46 am

  4. Rafael

    That was a wonderful video with a powerful message! Put it on you tube, send the link through emails. I cant wait for your next production.

    July 20, 2010 at 10:52 pm

    • We are working on the next video production now and thank you for the words of encouragement. It is a powerful message and it is my passion to share what is there for all of us to see and wake up to.


      July 21, 2010 at 1:59 am

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