LAMBS and FASHION unite! What the?

So why do you think the meat industry is ramping up the ferocity of their campaigns to encourage more carnivorous consumption?  Whether you eat meat or not, can you see the absurdity in all this and how big business is trying to take us further away from the truth of our existence? I really think it is time for people to start giving themselves a voice, not of judgment, but of strength in their own being that something is really not right here on planet earth. If we start talking about these things and hence look at what is actually creating the reality we exist in, rather than debating over such things as whether that ad campaingn should be allowed or not, then the world could change very quickly.

So talk to your friends, your family, strangers and ask them this question…

As a human being are you concerned about what we as a species are doing to this world?

Keep it limited to a yes or no answer and you may be surprised the effect this can create on somebodies life. The fact we continue to kill and eat animals when we do not need to is very odd – so lets look at why and I am happy to explore this with anyone that has any questions or confusions that need addressing.

UNITE UNITE UNITE… in compassion not insanity!


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