Our children are the future….

What sort of future would you like them to create? It will be what ever you teach them… teach them to accept cruelty and they will build that in… simple maths!It is one thing to lie to ourselves, but to lie to our children is a blatant abuse of a child’s rights. Think how long it takes for many  Vegans just to figure out that our food was created from pathways of torture and death. And many of them are innately compassionate people. There is a lot of learning to unlearn… so why not just say it the way it us right up front. That would give a child the best chance of finding strength in this amazing and challenging experience.

I do have empathy for people who keep justifying eating meat and I do understand how difficult it is to change these habits after years of enforced thinking… thinking that was inappropriately put into their heads by their parents and them… by their parents and so on we go. We can not evolve this way. We can not wake up this way – even though some people think they are awake! 

But please stop and think about whether you are going to let your past rule your life, or whether you are going to stand up today and be reborn as a you that is actually YOU! And any Vegans reading this may be thinking, why are you saying this to me, I have stopped eating meat. What I am suggesting is that we all need to let go of the past completely and use our compassion without the constraints of the arduous journey that got us here. Then it will be unleashed. Then the real journey of humanity will begin.

Otherwise we will keep lying to protect ourselves, but in doing so we end up living inside that world of lies, until eventually we forget how to get out – so we end up fighting to defend what little we have left, without ever really realizing what happened to us in the first place…. and until you know this then you are asleep in a dream like state that feels real, but is not. I see the Vegan movement as the beginning of realizing all this, as this topic forces such a close inspection of all that we are. VEGAN and BEYOND!

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  1. What a wonderful way to wake up to a new day–literally and figurately. To a happy, healthy vegan child and two loving-to-lick vegan pups, Tofu and Chickpea. Love them all!

    I’ve just forwarded your oh-so-palatable message to several friends, some of whom are already committed compassionate consumers, others of whom will at least respect your message and, for all I know, may even be on the cusp of veganhood! 🙂 (I stay away from -isms as much as possible; how do you like my newly christened word: veganhood?)

    Smiles to our faithful-to-all-beings friends in Australia.

    February 28, 2011 at 2:03 pm

  2. Hi David,
    I’m here by way of Bea and Olivia, and I’ve been meandering around–and enjoying–your site.

    I especially enjoyed this video, as my husband and I (both vegans) adopted a baby girl just over 8-months ago (Baby Sky) and are raising her vegan. She lives in a home with a rescued greyhound and a rescued kitty and is drawn to them and loves them.

    We can’t imagine choosing to fill her tiny head with lies. It’s our job, as her parents, to tell her the truth, as only the truth will best equip her for her journey ahead.

    Thank you.

    February 28, 2011 at 2:18 pm

  3. Totally right on the barrel head. Let’s leave parts of our cultural that perpetrate violence towards weaker humans and vulnerable animals, in the name of “that’s the way it is” and evolve to become the best species we can be.

    February 28, 2011 at 6:50 pm

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