There is a lot more to life than you think there is… Lots more!

It is time for us to unite in our imagination to create possibilities for a life beyond what we currently think is real. But first we must unite in a common place of truth or we will continue to fight for which belief or idea is the one we should follow. And currently people are held on a journey by being shackled by society and it’s brutal techniques of enforcement. We don’t need people to lead us, we just need to unite. If we were genuinely compassionate then no need for laws…imagine that. No laws. No police force. Ahhhhh, I feel the freedom in that thought already. Especially considering the hypocrisy of the people that try to control us now. The crazy thing with the law is that it actually suppresses truth and yet we keep adding more and more to our world every single day! Where do you think that is heading us?

Think about the fact that the “more” component I talk of exists right now. It is there even though you may not be able to feel it.This AUDIO recording will expand on what I am exploring above…


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