Enough of the anger with each other – really, we must stop that

This recording was actually created for myself to reflect on the documentary I am making with 2 very aware and gifted individuals. I thought deeply whilst recording, about a very special woman that I have met on Facebook. She is truly the peaceful warrior of our time and she promotes truth and understanding between all human beings and all creatures on this planet. Most people who care deeply get lost in their anger, but this fine lady has managed to transcend beyond this disturbance, grab the wisdom from feeling it, and share with strength, courage and a knowing I have rarely seen. Her name is McKenna. So this recording is in honor of her life. Thank you for all the inspiration and truth that I learn from you. David Coles.



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  1. Very worthy points, David (and McKenna).

    I especially appreciate the idea that no one gets anywhere when we prejudge each other. We don’t like it when someone does that to us. So, by the ethic of reciprocity….

    Today I had an interesting conversation with a young man at the supermarket checkout counter. I had a heavy bag of bird seed in a cart, and he had three large-ish plastic-wrapped boxes (I forget what you call these trays) of several dead chickens’ legs in his arms.

    Despite his selection of dinner, I smiled with genuine warmth and mentioned that he was free to put his items on the conveyor belt, even though they would reach the clerk before my birdseed bag and I did. (Someone was ahead of us in line.)

    The young man smiled and said that his armful of groceries (a few other items besides the poor chickens’ legs) wasn’t too heavy because he works out at the gym. I then looked at his arms and noticed they were “cut” — or whatever the expression is!

    I smiled and said, very sweetly, I try to make a point of noticing what is “inside” of a person rather than what they look like on the outside! He responded that while he agreed, he tries to take care of his body, too.

    Ah, a perfect entree. I couldn’t resist: “Then why are you buying murdered animals as your food?” Yes, I still wore a smile, and it wasn’t fake.

    You see, my intuition told me that this was precisely the right thing to say — that it would get his attention in a good sort of way. We had already established an honest friendship. He knew there was no judgment of HIM, and I knew he knew it.

    And so … when he asked me if I’m a vegetarian, and I said, “vegan,” the conversation quickly went to the name of the vegan group in our city and to the fact that there ARE vegan bodybuilders. “How do they do that?” he wanted to know. I didn’t have time to explain, but I knew he’d start Googling for the answer!

    He also indicated that he had been thinking about … well, he didn’t say exactly what, but it was SO clear that he was uncomfortable with the idea of eating animals.

    One more thing: It was as if he were waiting for me to give him a good answer when he said, “Well, it’s hard to change, because this is how I was raised.” And he got the answer he seemed to want. I said, “So was I. But I changed. How does the world ever advance except by people being willing to leave their past ways behind?” He agreed with that wholeheartedly.

    Once outside, I wrote down for him the name of our vegan group and of its president (and put my first name in parens so he could mention me if he emails or calls the group’s phone). I trust I will see him at some upcoming event.

    OK, so what’s my point here? This: We were both being honest. We were both being real. We were both appreciating where the other was coming from. He was ready to be receptive to the message, and it was delivered impersonally, and with a little “edge” — a wake-up call, so to speak.

    It’s not often that I can speak so freely to a stranger. But then again, sometimes it’s easier for someone to hear such a direct, candid message from a stranger than from a friend or relative.

    Now that I’ve written about as much as you spoke, it’s quittin’ time.

    March 12, 2011 at 11:35 am

  2. David, everything you said in this audio is so reflective of what I have been trying to say to my fellow AR peeps… You are absolutely correct when you say that” If you sit in the truth, you are in a nonreactive place”. Brilliant brother! I love it and I posted this in my status today.. Thank you for being that light at the end of the tunnel.
    xo McK

    March 13, 2011 at 7:04 pm

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